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Post by The NROPL on December 5th 2015, 8:29 pm

After a wild race at Iowa, the unexpected happened almost every minute of the race, but the most unexpected event was coming to the checkered flag on the final lap when Andy Fell(4) and Piper Acevedo(52) wrecked out of turn 4 and it was Peyton Sweet(55) scoring his first ever victory in the GXS. Peyton celebrated wildly meanwhile on pit road chaos unfolds as Andy Fell walked up to Acevedo as he got out his car and slammed Acevedo into his own car. Both drivers started shoving on each other and the teams joined in. Fell was on his way to his 2nd win of the season while Acevedo was looking for his 1st. Here is what both drivers had to say during their interviews.

INTERVIEWER: "Andy we all saw what happened out there tonight between you and the 52, walk us through what happened in the final turn."
ANDY FELL: "I mean it's pretty clear what happened, you know you have the better line and then you have this idiot who is turning down on you and ended up wrecking us both. He just started racing and already you have a driver pissed at you and what does that tell you. He needs to take his a** back to driving school and learn something if that's the case."

INTERVIEWER #2: Piper it has been a wild night for you here in Iowa especially on the last lap. Walk us through what happened.

PIPER ACEVEDO: "Well I thought for sure we were gonna score us a win here but i guess not. It's really hard to win when you got someone forcing you up into the wall until you run out of room and both of you wreck. But it's whatever for now i guess. Don't really want to cause a scene since i just started racing but that's really hard when you have someone all up in your face. But there is always next week, the team did a great job today and i'm proud of these guys and uh..we'll try to go get em' at Charlotte."

Both drivers were called to the Nascar hauler to settle their differences but nothing was really settled. Next week should be interesting at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.
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