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Post by MrKyleCollins on December 31st 2016, 1:04 am

Name: Cойка "Jay" Stella (Cойка is pronounced Soyka)
Age: 26
Birthplace: Kiev, Ukraine
Where he currently resides: Miami, Florida, US
AES Debut: S17
Current team: Checkered Flag Autosports

Jay Stella began his stock car career at age 20 when he ran in one of Ukraine's very few stock car tournaments and performed exceptionally well. This caused Stephanie Tilton, who was the CEO of ARCSOA at the time to reach out to him and recruit him to ARCSOA. For S17 he was given a ride in a Mentervini. It was Jay's dream come true,

Well, things went down and he got a little too aggressive and got kicked from the ride two races in for Stephen Pollard III. He went searching again before going to tryout for Visa Lola. He got the fastest time and was therefore signed to the ride, but Visa Lola closed its doors a few days later causing him to be rideless.

Three seasons later he gets a call from his longtime friends boss Johnson Freeman that their rookie William Brock was injured and out of all drivers they wanted Jay to be his replacement. Jay snatched up this offer and went and ran his heart out. He didn't do half bad either if it weren't for his misfortune with being in other people's wrecks and equipment failures. William was back in the ride by the American 700 but Johnson Freeman was so impressed he gave Jay the opportunity to one-off for them. After Indy he's rideless again, but has a job as a replacement driver at BFM.

The next season he actually has value on the free agent market, and this did him some good because he got a ride at the new Checkered Flag Autosports with Ehtisham Phadkar. He came out as a Pansexual and was allowed to put the Pansexual pride flag on the hood of his #31 machine. He also brought along sponsor Reddit. He didn't run great for the majority of the races, but did well enough to be brought back for S22.

He announced at the beginning of S22 that he'd be retiring at the end at the age of 27 if he didn't perform well. He has Reddit on board again and is once again racing the #31 for Checkered Flag Autosports. I guess we'll see how things play out.

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