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Post by MrKyleCollins on January 10th 2017, 9:43 pm

Mateus Tarantino - Portugal - 18
Tarantino is one of Portugal's brightest road ringers. He's never performed in a global series before, but has in local/national series. Noting that he isn't the best in Portugal, but in their national stock series he finished 3rd overall. The only person in the top 5 under 30 which is why he caught Freeman's eye. Unknown how well hell do in his first global series but is expected to hopefully develop into a decent driver.

Xavier De Urie - St. Helena - 22
The big guy on the team. Everyone knows who De Urie is. He made headlines when he finished second in the final BFM Developmental Camp race. BFM gave him a developmental contract and legend driver Kenny Myatt took him under his wing as De Urie's official drivers coach. He's a big athletic dude and has a lot of muscle mass. But that isn't expected to stop him in the long run with Myatt's help. He's expected to be BFMs main driver in the ALS. But not without competition.

Tayil Wallach - Israel - 15
The youngest driver in BFM history. Born on November 30th. He was a graduate from BFMs second developmental camp and finished first in the final race. One of the hottest young rookies out there he won his first national championship at age 13 in the under 18 category. There is the chance he'll compete with De Urie for main driver.

Vladimir Petrov - Russia - 26
The oldest driver in the BFM stable, Petrov has been racing for a while and he's already proven himself to be one hell of a driver. His backstory doesn't matter because in ARCSOAs truck series where they only ran one season he drove for the underfunded BFM and was competitive, which proved himself to be good. He's been unheard of until BFM got ahold of him again and brought him out of what was expected to be some sort of break. He's expected to compete for BFMs main driver too.

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