Sony Cup Series Announces It'll Have A Hall Of Fame: Class Of 2017 Nominees

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Sony Cup Series Announces It'll Have A Hall Of Fame: Class Of 2017 Nominees

Post by FUEL on March 26th 2017, 10:08 pm

You read it right. The Sony Cup Series will finally be holding it's first ever Hall Of Fame Ceremony this fall. Once the 2017 race season is over we will reflect back on the legends of this sport and say thanks to those that helped build up this series and made their mark. We will finally be doing this yearly. How this will work is, every year the nominee class for that year will be posted early in the year. At the end of the racing season, a voting video will go up of our 10 nominees for that year. The 3 highest votes get inducted into the Sony Cup Series Hall Of Fame. A video in the voting ceremony will go on showing all of their accomplishments and what they've done to the sport. The inductee's video will come a few weeks later and a special video for them will go up along with a speech by the legends of this sport. We are doing this in a way to look back and see where the sport has came and give thanks to the early drivers that did a lot in their time in the series. We give thanks to what they've done and give a big cheers to them for all they've done.

Note: You must be an inactive driver to get nominated and you must have been inactive from the series for the past season.

Here's the 10 nominee's, voting for this will happen after the 2017 Racing Season. Top 3 in the voting will be nominated. Videos for the voting and induction will go up in the fall of this year.

- Richerd Johnson

Otherwise known as "King Richerd", Richerd Johnson is a household name to the series. Many drivers from the old days and even now know of him and his accomplishments. He won 12 races in the first 5 seasons of the sport when the next driver behind him only had 4 wins. Richerd won Indianapolis and Talladega 3 times. Richerd was a title contender in 8 seasons and won the championship twice. He held the most wins and championships of the series for a long time until recently. Richerd Johnson walked away from the SCS after 2016 with 2 championships and 24 career wins.

- Evan Gattuso

Evan Gattuso was the road course ringer of the series back in the day. You knew when you was heading to a road course you had to out run Gattuso. Gattuso won in every road course race he ever started in, in his entire career until his final road course race in his retiring season. Gattuso won 5 races in his career and is one of the few that has won 5 or more wins in his career. Gattuso was also a title contender in his rookie season and retirement season.

- Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams was on top of the series from Season 8-12. Winning 6 career races and stopping Richerd Johnson from winning a 3rd championship in Season 10.

- Ian Dutta

Ian Dutta took the long road to success in the SCS. Dutta worked hard to get to where he could be competitive in the SCS. He raced for underfunded teams until he got a good ride finally and was able to win races. Dutta went into Season 12 and won 3 races and the championship, stopping Jackson Williams from becoming a 2 time champion. Dutta again in Season 14 would win another 3 races but come up short to the title. Shortly after Dutta left the series. Dutta won 6 races in his career along with the Season 10 Championship.

- Greg Brown

Greg Brown raced from Season 2-10. In those 9 seasons he raced, Brown earned a total of 5 career wins and 9 career team owner wins. Greg Brown was also a title contender in the Season 10 finale to win the championship before he was unfortunately killed in the race. Brown is one of the few that has 5 or more wins in his career.

- Nicholas Korodovos

Korodovos was often liked by everyone in the garage and the fans. Korodovos joined the series in Season 2 and went head to head against Season 1's veteran drivers like Luke Martin for the championship. Despite winning only 1 race in Season 2, Korodovos shut Martin out for the title. Korodovos would go on to win 3 more races, 2 of which where DAYTONA 500's which he won back to back in Season 6 and 7. Nicholas Korodovos' career was tragically cut short after a fatal practice crash at Texas in Season 7. A career that only last from Season 2-7 Korodovos won 4 races and 2 of them were DAYTONA 500s.

- Jackson Braun

We are looking at our pioneers of the series when we talk about Jackson Braun. Braun one of the older drivers joining up with Sony's new series to run on big ovals for Season 1. Some local racers around the world joining the series. Braun was one of those drivers, he jumped a deal with Dodge to run the #9 car in Season 1 and was one of the most liked guys in the garage. In a sport focused more on racing and not a tv business Braun won 2 races in Season 1, those being the first 2 races of Season 1 and being a title contender against the likes of Richerd Johnson, Evan Gattuso, Ryan Acosta and others. Braun stepped down after Season 1 to go back to racing the local tracks after not coming to a deal with a team for Season 2. Braun won only 2 races was a title contender and was one of the sports biggest names in Season 1 to help get the series on the map.

- Ashley Mace

We have to give credit where credit is due. Ashley Mace the younger sibling to Nick Mace has won 4 races in her career and has been a title contender 2 times in her career. Mace gave light to the sport to show that it's not just a sport only for guys. Mace was the first woman to ever show women can drive a race car and has helped develop a driver for diversity program since retiring from full time competition in 2015. We have many women driver trying to work their way up now due to Mace showing that women can run with the big guys.

- Brandon Bayne

Brandon Bayne is one of the few people to ever over throw Richerd Johnson. Bayne drove in Season 2 and the sophomore driver was ready to go head to head with the best driver of the series at the time, Richerd Johnson. Both fought hard all season but in the end Brandon Bayne over came and won the championship, he did so by winning only 1 time. That one win came in the Season 3 Daytona 500.

- Noah Hart

Noah Hart is one of them pioneers of the SCS. Hart came on board the series when he heard it in the local paper down in Savannah. Much like the entire field in Season 1 everyone was just a bunch of racers that just wanted to race for a living. The sport built up into tv and broadcasting for it became a must after the sports increase in interest went rapid all across the country. Hart is one of the few drivers to start racing in Season 1, Hart raced with Richerd Johnson all the way until 2016. His 20th season was his last. Hart had gathered up 6 wins in his career and was a title contender twice.

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Re: Sony Cup Series Announces It'll Have A Hall Of Fame: Class Of 2017 Nominees

Post by f1fan on March 26th 2017, 11:08 pm

Sean: Being the person to replace Nicholas Korodovos after his wreck was one of the biggest honors I ever had in my life. Truly one of the nicest guys I met coming up through the ranks. Korodovos would have been just as big as Richard Johnson had he not been killed at Texas.

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Re: Sony Cup Series Announces It'll Have A Hall Of Fame: Class Of 2017 Nominees

Post by FitzwaterAustralia59 on March 27th 2017, 8:39 am

One of the best drivers I've ever met was Evan Gattuso he like me had Road Course background I did see him in my rookie season and most recently in 2015 at Road Atlanta. Did ask him what he was doing recently and told me watching more SCS road course racing tbh and I told him hey don't mind seeing you at the next road course race and said I'll be there with a smile on his face. Gattuso made my day in Road Atlanta in 2015
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Re: Sony Cup Series Announces It'll Have A Hall Of Fame: Class Of 2017 Nominees

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