Big Shakeup at D&C, FBR. No word on what TNF will do with the #73

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Big Shakeup at D&C, FBR. No word on what TNF will do with the #73

Post by f1fan on March 4th 2018, 1:28 pm

In response to Bobby Jones leaving D&C to fill in for Kenny Myatt in car #9, D&C has rekindled its relationship with driver Scott Roush, who previously took a break from ARCSOA competition. However, this move isn't as simple as one might think. Roush will be taking over car #2, while William Brock will move to car #3.

Meanwhile, Bobby Jones will move over to take the #9 Interstate Batteries Toyota for the foreseeable future. This move puts Bobby Jones, a championship caliber driver, in quite possibly the best car on the grid. However, this doesn't speak well for Kenny Myatt ever getting back in an ARCSOA Elite Series car. The Myatt family has been quite tight-lipped on Myatt's since last weeks rather horrific incident. The only word out of any of the Myatt family has been a rather cryptic tweet sent by Kenny Myatt, that further solidifies the rumor that Myatt will not ever jump in an ARCSOA car ever again.

As of the off-week between Indianapolis and Lime Rock, we do know quite a bit more about driver Mosche Gurion. We do know that Gurion's career ended with that rather large wreck at Indianapolis. However, we do not know who will be replacing Gurion in the #73 car.

Finally, Travis Scott has been medically cleared to race in Lime Rock.

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