Sean Perkins: "I think we can win races with this team."

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Sean Perkins: "I think we can win races with this team." Empty Sean Perkins: "I think we can win races with this team."

Post by FUEL on March 8th 2017, 4:50 pm

Last weekend's race will go down as one of the biggest heartbreaks so far this season. Blue Flare Motorsports looked to be on their way to getting their first career win in the series with Sean Perkins at the wheel. Perkins pulling away with 15 to go by 5 seconds it looked clear who was going to win... then it all ended in one turn.

Sean Perkins and Sean Harple made contact sending Perkins up into the tire barrier. D.J. Kurtis who had been solid all race went by for the lead and what ended up being the pass for the win.

Sean Perkins leaves the Philippines on a 35 race winless streak and has his head held relatively high after Round 5's performance. Perkins said after the race, "If that performance doesn't prove that this team is going to be a threat in the near future you're blind. We were by far the best car out there. Harple was pretty clueless out there. The clown, has no concept of spatial awareness. I was trying to pass the clown, and he blatently chops me off like we were battling for position. He either didn't know I was there, or was trying to prevent himself from going a lap down. Either way, he was driving like a complete jackass. However, I think we can win races with this team. They are fast enough, and they have the drive. We just need some lucky breaks! There is a reason why Martin Motorsports, and Mace Enterprises dominate so much, and that's because none of the smaller teams develop their cars. I think getting fired from Red Bull was a bit of a blessing for me. BFM needed me, while I needed BFM. A championship is a longshot right now. However, in 2018, anything is possible. Heck, 2017 isn't out of the question. But the next handful of races are crucial to determining whether or not we are in it for real or not!

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