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Post by The NROPL on December 11th 2015, 3:48 pm

It was probably the wildest race of the season so far. Charlotte brought a lot of excitement, surprises, and most likely a lot of rivalries. James Bowles driver of the #48 Low's Chevrolet started on the pole for the race but it wasn't before long Ramian Fisher took the lead out of 2. The first caution was a big one as Dan Bandon driver of the #95 Ford Fusion went up and over and collected multiple drivers. There was a few other big wrecks through out the race. Brian Goldberg has just taken the lead until a caution came out. Goldberg could not slow down in time and ran into some stopped traffic ending his night. As we go back green Phillip Goldberg who has been out the past few weeks returns to Cup racing. Goldberg was the winner of the truck race at Charlotte and won the All-Star race in an amazing comeback. We ran quite a few laps under green all the way to the end when the unexpected happened. Phillip Goldberg was on his way to a sure 2nd victory that would lock him in the chase when Isaiah Forward (#18 lapped car) ran Goldberg up the track trying to get a lap back. Goldberg then hit the wall and came back down on Forward and both drivers went spinning. Forward came back up the track and teammate Mitchell Brayson came and hit Forward near the drivers side sending Forward into a barrel roll. Everyone was okay but Goldberg was furious and a big fight erupted on pit road between both teams. While Forward was being interviewed Goldberg came out of nowhere and gave a huge push to forward slamming him into his car. Officials had to get Goldberg off of Forward before things got worse. Both drivers were sent to the Nascar hauler. After that wreck the race ended under caution and it was Keon Edington the rookie to win the Coke 600. One of the most unexpected wins ever. Now Edington has a chance to lock himself in the chase with 1 more win if he can pull it off.

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