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Round 13 Of Charlotte  Empty Round 13 Of Charlotte

Post by nhood53 on April 2nd 2017, 7:41 am

We are here now at the Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Lowes 250 in the ClimberTech Racing Series. Last season's winner Scott Roush starts 3rd for this event, and last week's Dover winner Heather Stucolé will start 35th. Will one of them win or will someone else, like Jay Jianoran and Jake Moss, take the win by surprise?

Final Results:
1. Nathan Hood
2. Jake Moss
3. Zachary Fitzwater Sr.
4. Deb Bunnell
5. Eli Bright
6. SO Garrison
7. Jarvi Lethinen
8. Charles Sandfer
9. Joki Lethinen
10. Gideon Giegers
14. Roman Rehall
27. Luca Icks

Caution Summary:
1: Austin LaPlante gets hooked by Jeff Bright into Brenna Carmichael. Carmichael retires from the race.
2: As Roman Rehall and Luca Icks pit, Jon Bunnell gets turned trying to avoid the sideways, in the wall, uncontrollable I'm Stuck in a Hole Tielak of Lafter Stucolé. Both Rehall and Icks stayed on the lead lap, but would be out of contention after running 1-2 the majority of the first half of the race.

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Nathan Hood

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