Top 35 Determined By Driver Points For Now On

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Top 35 Determined By Driver Points For Now On Empty Top 35 Determined By Driver Points For Now On

Post by FUEL on June 11th 2017, 3:43 pm

I know everyone isn't too keen on big changes like these during the season however it's a move I want to make so it makes life easier on me where I'm not so focused on both drivers/owner points. I use to could easily do it both ways but now it takes some time and I've gotten more busy so I think the move is appropriate on that stand.

I hate it for the guys like the #16 team that are going to have James Richardson and possibly Carson Scott as a go or go homer when he returns but it emphasizes on the drivers and means you can't just swap drivers so often just due to preformance even though they are sort of holding their own in the points. This move to use Top 35 Driver Points makes it easier on me. Sorry if this upsets some people but it makes things more simple to just focus solely on driver points and as for who the competitors are competing against driver wise in points.

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