Round 21 of Ohio

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Round 21 of Ohio Empty Round 21 of Ohio

Post by nhood53 on July 22nd 2017, 3:27 pm

Some news storylines in Ohio:

Jay Jianoran is expected to receive a steward's inquiry after his actions on track this week. Jay was in 4th position when he and Brenna Carmichael had opposite plans on pit road. He collided with Carmichael, causing Brenna to slam into the pit wall light contact for Brenna. Jianoran went on to actually finish behind Brenna in the 14th position, while Brenna finished 8th.

Christian Merrick Jr. is on a hot streak lately. He continued his hot streak with a 9th place finish at Ohio, pushing him inside the top 30 in points and thus into the chase.

Debuting rookie Bubba Martin had a great run at Ohio. The DDS winner from Darlington went on to finish 12th, the best finish for car 43 this season. (OOC: I honestly believe he deserved a top 10, as he spent the majority of the race inside the top 10.)

Kevin Anderson had a career run in Ohio. Katie spent the majority of the race in the mid 20's a lap down after an early cation pit road mishap. Katie stayed on track during a green flag pit cycle and regained the lead lap, then with the help of the late caution frenzy got into the 11th position.

Jeff Bright and his brother Eli were spectacular in this race. Both led laps at some point and one came away with the win as Jeff Bright took the lead from PH Williams late in the race after the lapped Lexi McFarland took him out. McFarland is receiving a 3 point penalty.

One of the scariest wrecks of the race involved Ashton Stryger. Stryger would get spun exiting pit road, 360, and drive away, then later in the race would get turned on a restart and get nailed by Deb Bunnell in the side sending her on a vicious flip. Deb was OK but Stryger would come away with minor injuries. Stryger will sit out the next race to heal. Bunnell is receiving a non-replaceable suspension.

1. 46 Jeff Bright
2. 50 Sally Hunter
3. 9 Scott Roush
4. 96 Benoit Lothaire-Irvine
5. 53 Nathan Hood
6. 6 Heather Stucole
7. 22 Eli Bright
8. 90 brenna Carmichael
9. 49 Christian Merrick Jr.
10. 27 jake Moss
11. Katie Anderson 
12. Bubba Martin
16. Tommy Roberts
34. Vince Freeze

Penalties and Suspensions: All of Ohio's penalties and suspensions except one are due to Sectio 6 of THE RULEBOOK.
Aidan Shepherd- 1 race replaceable suspension- replacement Cicoria Satska
Section 3- Fighting with another driver (Jake Moss)
Jake Moss- 1 race non-replaceable suspension
Section 3- Fighting with another driver (Aidan Shepherd)
Deb Bunnell- 3 race non-replaceable suspension
Section 6: Causing or instigating a crash with injury
Ashton stryger- Self-imposed 1 race replaceable suspension
Jay Jianoran- Steward's inquiry, warning for Section 6: Aggression toward a lapped vehicle
Lexi McFarland- 3 point penalty
Section 6: Wrecking the leader.

Nathan Hood

All characters in these works are fictional and should not be taken as impersonation. Thanks.

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