My Thoughts on the S1 GAMRA Waffle House Grand National Series Draft

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My Thoughts on the S1 GAMRA Waffle House Grand National Series Draft Empty My Thoughts on the S1 GAMRA Waffle House Grand National Series Draft

Post by CJ Racing on August 29th 2017, 8:21 pm

I will go through each round, giving my opinion on who I thought the best pick was, the most surprising pick, and which pick didn't make a lot of sense to me.

Best Pick: Marcus Duncan, ViperTech
When I look at the picks in the 1st round, the Top 2 picks were almost no brainers. Both Collins and Arndt look to have a really solid base in terms of driving ability, and it makes sense why they were picked 1-2. But for me, Marcus Duncan was the perfect choice for ViperTech in Round 1, combining his racing background with a team that is expected to be in contention almost every race, Duncan coming in at #5 may end up being a steal before it's all set and done.

Most Surprising Pick: Zachary Fitzwater Sr., Flying Aces Racing
This one was a bit of a surprise to me when it was first announced. Fitzwater was expected by some to be the 1st Non-North American driver off the board, but Flying Aces Racing was not the place I expected him to land. It'll be interesting to see if this pick will plan out. One bright side for Fitzwater and Flying Aces Racing? Since Rehall was chosen before him, that pressure of being the 1st Non-North American driver chosen won't be there for the Australian.

Most Head-Scratching Pick: Roman Rehall, Epik Motorsports
This pick was a bit of a head-scratcher for me. Rehall is an international driver with not a whole lot of experience driving these style of cars, and it may take some time for him to learn and become accustomed to these cars. A Top 3 pick is pretty high for someone like that, but we'll see if Rehall can stand to the challenge and get up to speed sooner then expected.

Best Pick: Braeden Haxley III, TR Inc.
Braeden Haxley III is one of the oldest drivers in the field. But with age comes experience, and Haxley has that in spades. He may not be a long term choice, but to pick him near the end of the 2nd round is a steal for someone with his experience to go, and will undoubtedly help TR Inc. get off on the right foot in this series.

Most Surprising Pick: Marty McGee, Thunderbolt Racing
Much like Fitzwater in the 1st round, it isn't so surprising that McGee was drafted at this point in the 2nd round, but rather the team he was drafted to. McGee should have a decently solid season, but can Thunderbolt Racing put the right equipment under him to make him a contender?

Most Head-Scratching Pick: Deb Bunnell, Haddix-Hudelson Racing
This is by far the most questionable choice in the draft. Deb was one of the lowest rated drivers in the draft, to see her go in the middle of the 2nd round, especially considering she probably would have been there to draft in the 3rd round, is a big question mark for the HHR team.

ROUND 3:(No Head-Scratching Pick for Round 3)
Best Pick: Eric Monaco, Thunderbolt Racing
Pretty much a no-brainer here. Eric Monaco could be a bit of a steal here in Round 3, and is a very solid 3rd option for the Thunderbolt Racing team.

Most Surprising Pick: Sakuri Tsonisaka, Haddix-Hudelson Racing
One of the last drivers to sign up in time for the draft, Sakuri Tsonisaka is the only Asian driver currently signed up for a team. HHR may not be the best team in terms of pace next season, but it would not be surprising if Tsonisaka ends up being the best driver on her team.

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