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Post by nhood53 on November 28th 2017, 5:47 pm

This season will be the first season of the CTRS NMGAR to feature a non charter series and championship. As such here are the rules of the Non Charter Championship Series.

The Non Charter Championship will be contested over 36 races with 17 drivers who unfortunately did not qualify for the charter system. At the end of the non charter championship series, the top 6 non chartered drivers from the Non Charter Championship will replace the bottom 6 Charter drivers from the Charter Championship Series.

the points system for the Non Charter cars is as follows:
1. 43
2. 36
3. 30
4. 25
5. 21
6. 18
7. 16
8. 14
9. 12
10. 10
11. 8
12. 6
13. 5
14. 4
15. 3
16. 2
17. 1

Points from the Non Cahrter Champiosnhip are non-inclusive, meaning that the points earned in the Non Charter Championship do not carry over into that driver's Charter Championship starts earned by finishing in the top 6 positions in each Non Charter Championship race. If a driver loses their charter at the end of the season they become eligible to compete in the Non Charter Championship. Any Non Charter Championship driver who wins a Charter Championship race will receive a Charter post-season due to their win(s).

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