Nick Mace on Mace Enterprises: "We're trying new things"

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Nick Mace on Mace Enterprises: "We're trying new things" Empty Nick Mace on Mace Enterprises: "We're trying new things"

Post by FUEL on April 7th 2018, 11:50 am

Nick Mace who is the most winning driver in the Sony Cup Series however he hasn't been one of the fastest drivers in the past few races. Mace hasn't won a race in 28 races and hasn't been as quick in those races to really click off any wins. A lot of speculation of whether this could be the beginning of the end or if Nick Mace is just in a slump and needing to find his groove once more. Nick Mace will be the first to tell you however that he can still get it done and win races and even a championship. After wrecking out at Daytona, Mace has clicked off Top 10s in the past 3 races with an 8th, 10th and now a 4th place finish at Atlanta!

It's safe to say Nick Mace has been solid these first few races and he's right in the Top 10 in points again and even knocking on the door of Top 5 in points. However, it might be a solid start to the season for Nick Mace but when you look at the team as a whole sit 21st, 27th and 34th in Owner Points... Seeing as though the Mace Enterprises cars have struggled to find consistent speed this looks troubling for the whole organization considering their the leading team for Chevy.

Nick Mace: "Yeah we are trying new things each and every week to try and catch up and be that dominate team that we used to be I'm very proud of our 48 guys and they have been doing an amazing job with the car since speedweeks Eric Demax is doing pretty good for his first full time season in the cup series and I expect him to do great things. This weekend Jordan Davis will get back up there he has had some fast cars but just plagued with bad luck and Luke Martin is doing a great job learning new stuff for the team so when Charles Sandfer gets back that 24 will be better "

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