Jake Baskinger takes the point lead after Round 6

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Jake Baskinger takes the point lead after Round 6 Empty Jake Baskinger takes the point lead after Round 6

Post by FUEL on April 16th 2018, 1:02 pm

When you ask the question who's a veteran driver we have in the garage with experience that is calm cool and collective and able to get the job done whenever everything is on the line... Jake Baskinger is that guy. Baskinger has 8 career wins however 7 of them have came with Turner Performance Racing and he has shown that he is one driver you have to worry about each and every round. Jake Baskinger has averaged out a 5.50 average finish in the first 6 races with his worst finish this season being 13th after he blew a tire during a green flag run at Rockingham. He is showing a great deal of consistency that has rewarded him the points lead early into the year and possibly on the verge of another title run.

Jake Baskinger: "I’m really excited to be the point leader and I have high hopes of maintaining that lead. For Jeffery, he’s a legend on the dirt. I grew up racing dirt in Georgia so I feel like that helped me a ton and brought me back to the good ole days. I felt like I could have kept the lead the whole race if we did not hit the wall on the restart. After that the car immediately got tight so I had to wait for the pit stops to come and get the changes done. I’m happy for Jeffrey to get a win for Allen Family Racing. Well deserved but I wish I could have beat him. If only we had 1 or 2 more laps, we could of got him. As for us having the point lead, I just gotta stay consistent throughout this season. Last season was great for us with multiple wins but inconsistent verses season 15 where we did not win a race and won the championship. We just need to stay that consistent for the rest of the season and keep this momentum going."

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