ARCSOA changes stuff up for 25th Season

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ARCSOA changes stuff up for 25th Season Empty ARCSOA changes stuff up for 25th Season

Post by f1fan on April 29th 2018, 4:09 pm

ARCSOA amends penalty system

ARCSOA has drew a lot of heat for their rather controversial, "three strikes, your out" penalty system. ARCSOA competition director William Williams has stated that the penalty system will be completely revamped for next year. Here is the rundown how the penalty system will work.

Each punishable act on track will receive a number of penalty points from 1-4. Once a driver earns 6 penalty points, they are suspended for a race. Now, there also are automatic suspensions as well. If a driver does something incredibly serious, they can receive an auto-ban as well.

Offenses that warrant an auto ban are.

-Intentionally crashing someone.
-Blatant offenses on pit road.
-Making a questionable move that results in an injury to another competitor.
-Any further actions deemed warranted by ARCSOA stewards.

Furthermore, there will be a return to grid penalties.

-Any grid penalty warrants at least 2 penalty points (excluding engine penalties).

Penalty points will also be given out for actions that take place in practice or qualifying.

ARCSOA reduces/refines engine policies

For the 25th season, ARCSOA has decided to refine/reduce the number of engines a team can use throughout the year.

If a driver throughout the season, including qualifying, requires 4 or more engine changes, each engine beyond 4 will cost the team 5 grid spots without incurring penalty points. However, we have been told that all engines replaced due in part to accidents throughout the season will NOT incur an engine penalty.

ARCSOA refines knock-out qualifying system

After the introduction of knockout qualifying was fully introduced in Season 24, ARCSOA has decided to make a change for the 25th season. "Throughout the season, accidents have taken place in qualifying. What we previously did, was let the session run out and the cars would be determined whether or not they could continue. If the car rolled into the garage, we would put them to the back of the session," ARCSOA chief steward William Williams explained. "We aren't doing that this year. In fact, we are changing the entire qualifying system."

The qualifying system changes are explained below.

-If an incident takes place in qualifying, the session WILL be stopped.
-Cars involved in the incident will be moved to the back of the grid REGARDLESS of what session they are in.
-The session clock will reset to 5 minutes.
-If clock has passed 5 minutes and accident takes place, qualifying will continue onward unless the track is blocked. ALL CARS INVOLVED, will be moved to the rear of the grid.

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ARCSOA changes stuff up for 25th Season Empty Re: ARCSOA changes stuff up for 25th Season

Post by Dexter249 on May 4th 2018, 9:44 am

Bouchard : These new updates are good, except for the "direct to the back of the grid thing", considering racing events in the past, there might be some, questionable decisions by teams. I'm pretty sure we all know that.
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