Kenny Myatt looks at the championship contenders

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Kenny Myatt looks at the championship contenders Empty Kenny Myatt looks at the championship contenders

Post by f1fan on November 8th 2015, 1:44 am

3 time ARCSOA Elite Series champion, Kenny Myatt knows what it is like to fight for a title. He has won 3 championships and has honest opinions about the championship contenders with under 10 races to go.

James Shelly- I feel James has been really consistent this season. However he needs to get up the order and win another race. Couple that with his consistency, and he will be difficult to beat. However, I don't see Shelly doing that well in Illinois and Australia. He was pretty much no where in Darlington, and Carbondale doesn't seem like a track he'd be strong at.

Noah Hart- Hart's late season run reminds me that he still has it. Back in the day, Hart was one of the kings of doing well when it mattered. He is also one of the few drivers who have raced at Carbondale before. Plus his win at Ohio will make him very strong in Illinois. Hart will also be quick in Australia, as Calder Park is very similar to Darlington, handling wise. Heck, I would even expect the same tire fall off that we saw at Darlington. Hart will have to perform in New York, Lime Rock, New Zealand and Willow Springs though. Road Courses have never been his strong suit. So he will need to continue his championship form on at least 2 out of these tracks.

Nathan McKane- I might be a bit biased since he is working for me, however Nathan needs to be more consistent across the board. He has the talent on virtually every time of track. However he needs to string together some runs.

Charlie Fibrosis- Sadly Charlie is missing the Round of New York. Which I think might eliminate him from the title. He would need a string of strong finishes if he wants a chance. Although out of any of the drivers, I would trust Charlie the most do that.

D.J. Kurtis- He has been too quiet all season. He needs to get up the order to score results, Big results. I think he needs another win or maybe 2 to be a serious threat. Either that, or hope Shelly has a ton of bad luck.

Jake Baskinger- Has been strong. However not strong enough. He has to work his way up the points chart quickly. A win would not hurt his chances.

Cooper Syron- It has either been feast or famine for him. No consistency whatsoever. He either scores massive points, or falls out.

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