Mace unhappy after Kansas

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Mace unhappy after Kansas Empty Mace unhappy after Kansas

Post by FUEL on June 25th 2018, 4:49 pm

After coming off a win at Road Atlanta for the first time in nearly a year, Nick Mace gained momentum on his side as he went into Texas more confident than ever to take home the win. A wreck took him out of the running mid race and next race at Kansas, Nick Mace looked on pace to be competitive enough to win his 30th career victory until  carnage happened...

Mace looked to be the fastest car until Jordan Davis pulled right up in front of him so abruptly that it took Mace out of the lead and took half the field with him. Nick Mace had this to say after the fact, "Two weeks in a row we had the best car but we just get wrecked. I absolutely just love getting wrecked by a teammate that's a lap down while leading. We have such good race cars right now but nothing to show for it."

Nick Mace apparently didn't want to have anything to do with Jordan Davis post-race as he tried to regain composure and focus on DAYTONA.

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