Noah Hart and Jacob Hart will return to the Sony Cup Series

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Noah Hart and Jacob Hart will return to the Sony Cup Series Empty Noah Hart and Jacob Hart will return to the Sony Cup Series

Post by FUEL on August 13th 2018, 2:15 pm

FUEL Brothers Racing coming back after a seasons absence for the 2018 Season... The owners of the team for many years the Hart Brothers of Noah and Jacob Hart will be returning to the race track as drivers for the team. The two brothers have announced this afternoon that they will focus solely on owning the race team and bringing Toyota and FUEL Brothers Racing in particular back to the top. After working closely with Fisher Motorsports the first half of the year the two brothers announced they will be splitting from working under Fisher Motorsports and open up their shop once again.

Jacob and Noah Hart have announced that they will be participating in the 2019 DAYTONA 500 for the opening race of the season but they will not be running any races afterwards as they want to focus on their 2 car team. It is planned that FUEL Brothers Racing will have 4 entries for the big race with Charlie Smith being the driver of the #47 Toyota Camry and the driver of the #83 Toyota Camry currently being undecided.

Noah Hart will be returning in the #18 Toyota Camry with Dairy Queen as the sponsor for the race. Dairy Queen is supposedly going to be on all of the FBR cars for the 2019 Season as a rotating sponsor within the team. As for the 2-Time Champion of Jacob Hart, Jacob still is not confirmed to a ride or a number or sponsor within the team. More updates will continue to flow in and it's not completely confirmed that Jacob Hart will even be racing for FUEL Brothers Racing in the race but plans to get Jacob Hart in a ride particularly, FUEL Brothers Racing will all come down to sponsorship and negotiations.

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