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Sunoco Elite Series - Season 6 Silly Season Predictions

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Sunoco Elite Series - Season 6 Silly Season Predictions Empty Sunoco Elite Series - Season 6 Silly Season Predictions

Post by KleverProductions on December 7th 2018, 3:25 am

Just have fun, make some fun predictions, try to stay in the realm of reality tho lol

Be sure to input the already confirmed rides shown on the google doc:

Even though we are making a new charter system, base your predictions off of the old 3-car system, since nobody actually knows anyones charter decisions, if you would like to make predictions for charters, label it so.

Crew Chief
Crew Chief

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Sunoco Elite Series - Season 6 Silly Season Predictions Empty My Season 6 Predictions

Post by KleverProductions on December 7th 2018, 3:10 pm

Season 6 Predictions:

Rank A:

Scott-Ganassi Racing: Ford Mustang
#89 - Philip Scott
#98 - Nick Pericles
#05 - John Arndt

Through everything chaotic thats happened in Silly Season thus far, this is one thing that hasn't changed, this team doesn't look like its going to split up any time soon.

Maverick GP: Honda (Name may change)
#10 - Paul Jackson
#66 - Roman Rehall
#87 - Max Anderson

This is a bold one, but one I could see happening, Jackson doesn't look like he's going to leave the team, and with Anderson already had rumors tying him to Maverick, I don't doubt him moving there, but Rehall to replace Rowe was a hard decision, but I think he might just go for it.

Epik Motorsports: Toyota
#95 - Vance Caldwell
#51 - Hans Windhelm
#91 - Gerrard Oran

Same deal with SGR, they seem happy where they are, and I don't see a change coming.

Roush Racing Enterprises: Ford Mustang
#34 - Aidan Shepherd
#37 - Alex Benyacko/Cordell Paulson/Dack Jovic
#38 - Scott Roush

With Ryan Monaco's retirement, they need someone to fit in, and I can see any of those 3 taking that seat, with Benyacko's performance, the season 4 champ, and with RRE's and SAR's alliance ending bringing Jovic back to RRE, anything can happen there.

Rank B:

Klever-Haas Racing: BMW
#?? - ???
#?? - ???
#?? - ???

Wouldn't want to release any of my plans would I?

Shock-Allison Racing: Ford Mustang
#6 - Dack Jovic?
#26 - Alexander Rowe?
#99 - Skyla Johnson

I am clueless on these 2 cars, Jovic could return to the 6 depending on what RRE does with Monaco's seat, and the 26 could go to Rowe if he is booted for Anderson, but I honestly don't know.

Full Frontal Motorsports: Chevy
#01 - William Brock
#40 - Kieran Malcher
#42 - Eric Monaco

Eric already drove for this team in Season 1 and 2, so to see him go back there after Vincents departure is very plausible, and while some others could be of consideration, I think Eric has the lead in this one.

Fitzwater Australia Racing: Dodge Charger
#9 - Roger Rey?
#39 - Carson Bauers
#59 - Zachary Fitzwater Sr.

With Anderson leaving FAR at seasons end, this is another seat I have no idea how it will be filled. Roger Rey may be the most logical choice, but even that's a pretty big question mark at this moment.

Rank C

Monark Motorsports: Ford Mustang
#8 - Vince Freeze
#28 - William Karlsson Jr
#88 - DJ Kurtis

With Finguy retiring at seasons end, I see Vince Freeze as the most likely target of that #8 car, seeing how Freeze already has ties with Monark after Season 4's royale, and his relationship with Karlsson is pretty good, he is the obvious choice, and I see Kurtis becoming the new Windhelm of the team, the one who is committed to that Monark until something grand comes along.

Trailblazer Motorsports: Trailblazer Type Une
#7 - Benoit Lothaire-Irvine
#86 - Dan Bartlett
#?? - ???

Bartlett seems committed to Trailblazer, and with their new car debuting next season, lots of questions are in the air for that last seat, Lorenz Alog could be a possibility, but with his performance this season, I don't know.

Rank D

Red Stallion Racing: Toyota
#20 - Ciel Van Aller/Audra Baranauskas
#21 - Bobby Jones
#22 - Gatlin Downey

With Eric almost certainly moving up, that #20 needs someone to join the team, and one of those 2 could be big options, with Ciels outstanding PLS performance, and Audra being a royale champ, it could go either way.

Hood-Hudelson-Stucole Racing
#79 - Lafter Stucole
#53 - Darren Carter
#64 - Ciel Van Aller

I think Freeze and Perez may go on to better things, and so HHSR needs to start over once again, but Ciel Van Aller going to RSR may depend on HHSR's move, and it could go either way with him, but Darren Carter is a PLS name I threw into the mix because of his ties with Jack Hallec, and Hallec could persuade someone to pick him up!

I may have left out a few names because I wasn't 100% sure where they'd land with some other names in the mix, I guess it would all depend on how charters go, and if they can get a ride with a 4-car team in Rank A, but these are my current predictions.

Crew Chief
Crew Chief

Posts : 195
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Age : 18

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