HUGE MIR updates/changes leading up to 2016...

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HUGE MIR updates/changes leading up to 2016... Empty HUGE MIR updates/changes leading up to 2016...

Post by McBlair on November 8th 2015, 7:52 pm

So, it's been confirmed for a while that MIR is going to be on the 2016 parttime roster with driver Max Titan and breakout star Rick Shultz. But, in the past 2 week they've made some huge changes and have some huge updates that will be announced in this post. So lets start with the very first update...

1. MIR is no longer going to be called Music Industry Racing. For the longest while they've been called Music Industry Racing because it was record label's that funded them enough to become competitors in the SCS. But now every record label besides Cherrytree and Beluga Heights have cut off their contracts with the team. So because of this they are changing their name, and the new team name will be... Titanium Motorsports. The name was inspired by the teams original founder Ross Stevens and his love for the metal Titanium.

2. Titanium Motorsports will be changing the number of Rick Shultz car. Originally the number was supposed to be the #54 but they've decided to make the numbers closer so Rick Shultz car will now be the #04 Maker Studios Chevy.

3. Max Titan will no longer be sponsoring Beluga Heights Records. With the recent name change and all the record label droppings Beluga Heights decided to back off of sponsoring a car in 2016. And since it's real late in the silly season it was an obvious choice for a replacement sponsor, Max Titan will now be sponsoring Racers Digest (Yes, I'll be attempting to make a logo for it. If I can't I hope somebody can for me). As SCS's main magazine Titanium Motorsports dove in to pick it up!

4. Just to put it out there once again, Titanium Motorsports is not a Chevy anymore. They switched to ford, but for a very very good reason. They are also going to be buying engines off the one and only Martin Motorsports.

That is all my updates, I know it's a lot but I wanted to give my team a new look that wasn't revolved around music.

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HUGE MIR updates/changes leading up to 2016... Empty Re: HUGE MIR updates/changes leading up to 2016...

Post by RedViperGaming on November 8th 2015, 8:16 pm

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