Return of ARCSOA Lights in Season 20

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Return of ARCSOA Lights in Season 20 Empty Return of ARCSOA Lights in Season 20

Post by f1fan on November 9th 2015, 8:19 pm

ARCSOA CEO Kayla Tonney announced the revival of the ARCSOA Lights Series beginning in Season 20. Tonney highlighted her developmental plan in a memo handed out at the board of directors meeting this past Wednesday.

Here is a copy of the memo:

ARCSOA Lights Series: Season 20

-Spec Car Series, highlighting driver talent rather then manufacture supremacy
-An 8-10 race schedule, all of which are American companion races.
-Hopefully 24 to 26 cars on grid.
-No Drivers signed up from AES allowed in ALS unless they lose their ride.

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