Waivers Given To Drivers Who Make The Chase

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Waivers Given To Drivers Who Make The Chase Empty Waivers Given To Drivers Who Make The Chase

Post by FUEL on July 11th 2016, 5:32 pm

SCS Officials: We never thought about if we were in this position what would we do because most people have been running with the same team all year however with one of our Chase Contenders right now going down to a team that is outside the Top 35 in owner points trying to qualify in on speed. We feel as though if Sony Cup Series Driver Sean Perkins or any driver at that matter can make the chase they deserve the right to be guaranteed a chance to compete for the championship. If a driver who drives for a team outside the Top 35 trying to qualify in on speed makes the chase they no longer will have to worry unless they get eliminated from the Chase. If the Chase were to start right now going into Pocono we would allow 36 drivers to be locked into the race, even if Jacob Hart were to stay in the 14 car which we know now he won't, we would allow the top 35 in owner points into the race and the two drivers locked in as well even though their team they are driving for isn't locked in.

We believe that as long as you made it to the playoffs no matter how you did it or how you are doing it you deserve the chance to compete in every weekend that you are still in the title hunt. After that, the waivers of that driver being locked in for that team outside the Top 35 will no longer stand.

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