Mason Gordon leaves ARC Racing; Cloud9 Racing desperate for a change

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Mason Gordon leaves ARC Racing; Cloud9 Racing desperate for a change

Post by FUEL on May 24th 2017, 9:11 am

After the qualifying for Round 15 of Nashville. ARC Racing missed yet another race. Not counting Bradley Bishop Jr qualifying for Chicagoland the team's last race they qualified for was Round 4 of California where the entire team qualified and that's the only race that's happened.

ARC Racing had been going along nicely in 2015 and 2016 with solid efforts but this year they've struggled massively. The team is in question of how long they can keep going at this rate. Mason Gordon a 3 Time Sony Cup Series Winner decided to pull out of the series after failing to qualify every race he's been in since becoming a Go or Go Homer after Round 4. Gordon said that he'd rather be focused on the HNS at this moment. Rumors have it that Gordon will step down from racing entirely after 2017 but we've heard rumors like this for quite awhile now.

Cloud9 Racing is another that wanted a change after missing their 4th race in a row recently. After qualifying into the races regularly with Matt Daleo and Daleo leaving the team... Cloud9 has only made 1 out of the last 5 races. With a bunch of HNS drivers, the Cup rookies have struggled to find speed to qualify in. Cloud9 Racing losing their associate sponsors has pushed the team back to a single car team. Cloud9 Racing has released Kermicah Jazzin and Scott McCann as their drivers in search for a verteran to get behind the wheel that can qualify into the races.

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