After Michigan, Harple to Mace -- Smith to Athenian

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After Michigan, Harple to Mace -- Smith to Athenian

Post by FUEL on August 3rd 2018, 6:20 pm

With the announcement that Luke Martin will be stepping away from the driver seat after Michigan a ride at Mace Enterprises has opened up. Mace Enterprises has called up young, Hardee's National Series Champion, Sean Harple to race the #25 Chevy for the rest of the 2018 Season. Sean Harple currently drives the #31 Chevy for Athenian Motorsports. Harple's move to Mace Enterprises for the rest of this year leaves open a ride at Athenian. Athenian Motorsports has announced that they will be bringing back Charlie Smith to drive the #3 Chevy for Round 23 onwards. The #3 Chevy is currently piloted by PJ Williams so Williams will move over to the #31 Chevy while Smith runs the #3 Chevy for the rest of the year.

Driver Changes After Round 22

#3 PJ Williams ---> #3 Charlie Smith
#25 Luke Martin ---> #25 Sean Harple
#31 Sean Harple ---> #31 PJ Williams

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Re: After Michigan, Harple to Mace -- Smith to Athenian

Post by CJ Racing on August 3rd 2018, 7:06 pm

CM Racing Announces Plans for Remainder of 2018 Season

After the news that Charlie Smith will be driving for Athenian after Michigan, CM Racing has announced that after that race, they will be shutting down that #03 car (unless a really good offer comes from any drivers interested in driving it), and turning the #0 into a FT car the rest of the season.

John Arndt will run the majority of the races, as he has wished a desire to have as many races under his belt in the SCS before he moves to Martin Motorsports in 2019.

CM Racing's #0 Schedule for the Remainder of the 2018 SCS Season:
Round 22: Michigan- Alex Benyacko
Round 23: Road America- John Arndt
Round 24: New Hampshire- John Arndt
Round 25: Darlington- Hannah Allen
Round 26: Las Vegas- John Arndt
Round 27: Phoenix- John Arndt
Round 28: Richmond- John Arndt
Round 29: South Boston- Hannah Allen
Round 30: Chicagoland- John Arndt
Round 31: Talladega- Jek Porkins
Round 32: Willow Springs- John Arndt
Round 33: California- John Arndt
Round 34: Atlanta- John Arndt
Round 35: Rockingham- John Arndt
Round 36: Homestead- Hannah Allen

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