Jeff James: "I'm driving for the best team in Sony Cup"

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Jeff James: "I'm driving for the best team in Sony Cup" Empty Jeff James: "I'm driving for the best team in Sony Cup"

Post by FUEL on February 9th 2017, 2:39 pm

Jeff James winning at Rockingham thrust him into victory lane early in the 2017 year, his 8th career victory and certainly proving a point he will be one to contend with this year! Here's how the victory lane interview went this past weekend...

Reporter: Jeff James, come on out!

*Jeff James climbs out*
*Jeff gets showered in alcohol and the crew and crowd cheers*

Reporter: Jeff, you had to hold off a hard charging Nick Mace late in that race... You looked good but how sure were you that you could hold him off?

Jeff James: That's got to be the most hard fought win of my career so far, it didn't look like much from the seats but this track shows no mercy. Mace shot out of a cannon in those last few laps and it's not often he messes up but he did with 2 to go and honestly he probably could of got by me because I drove a little too hard that last run to get away on the restart. Just had no forward bite and was so tight that's why he was so much better than me at the end but we made it happen!

Reporter: How does this sound? Point leader already on Round 2, describe your chances at winning a championship and getting up there with the legends that have 10 wins, you're all by yourself in the win column as the 11th highest winning driver now!

Jeff James: It's so surreal, I'm driving for the best team in the Sony Cup Series and I don't think it would be possible without my guys. They give me the best stuff every weekend and I have the privilege to drive it. I absolutely love driving for these guys, they not only treat me like family but they give me 110% every week and I know I have the equipment to win every race so winning the championship and even getting 10 or more wins this season is definitely a goal we can set.

Reporter: Alright, go celebrate with your team! Jeff James a winner AGAIN at The Rock!Jeff James: "I'm driving for the best team in Sony Cup" Victor11

President of the Sony Cup Series
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