Round 10 of Castle Gorge

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Round 10 of Castle Gorge Empty Round 10 of Castle Gorge

Post by nhood53 on February 14th 2017, 8:04 pm

The race before the N800 actually was pretty much a bore fest. Luca Icks won in the 60 car, while his teammates were involved in wrecks. Chris Dodd ended Joki Lethinen's day early whIle battling for second by cutting him off and causing a major pileup. Many flips occurred, including Charles Sandfer, Aidan shepherd, and PJ Williams.
1. LUCA Icks
2. Austin LaPlante
3. Scott Roush
4. Jon Bunnell
5. Chris Dodd

Nathan Hood

All characters in these works are fictional and should not be taken as impersonation. Thanks.

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