Turner Fenway Struggling As A 4 Car Team?

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Turner Fenway Struggling As A 4 Car Team? Empty Turner Fenway Struggling As A 4 Car Team?

Post by FUEL on February 15th 2017, 12:55 am

After only 3 races it's really hard to tell if this 4th car being added to the team is really bringing down the performance from Turner Fenway. We're only 3 races into the new year and Turner Fenway Racing has had an engine blow up 3 straight races.

Turner Fenway has only had 2 Top 10s this year from all their drivers. Jesse Turner 5th at Daytona and Carson Scott 5th at Rockingham is the team's only drivers to actually score a Top 10! Baskinger and Martin have yet to score a Top 10 finish this season.

Could just be a slow start to the team's season. It's a long season and anything can happen in this long season. After only 3 races the team sits 7th, 17th, 20th and 30th in main season points.

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Turner Fenway Struggling As A 4 Car Team? Empty Re: Turner Fenway Struggling As A 4 Car Team?

Post by JJRacer89 on February 16th 2017, 6:18 am

"Yes the first three races of the year haven't been the best for us. Especially at Daytona when we almost won it. We're trying our butts off on getting all four of our cars in the best racing condition they can be in. We do have an engine alliance with YAMP Motorsports, so we're able to share reliable information with each other and make sure those problems don't affect both our teams. So we haven't lost our focus on being a good-performance team, it all just has to take patience and just let things fall into place as they should."

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