RIP Orion Elite Series (3/9/12 - 4/10/17) (Season 22 write up, wrap-up)

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RIP Orion Elite Series (3/9/12 - 4/10/17) (Season 22 write up, wrap-up) Empty RIP Orion Elite Series (3/9/12 - 4/10/17) (Season 22 write up, wrap-up)

Post by f1fan on April 10th 2017, 10:01 pm

OOC: I have been really disheartened with OES lately. I have been a bit jealous of the fanbase SCS has gotten, and feel like I needed to drastically change my approach. However, as a result of that OES has to die. This is mainly due to storyline elements of the series not making sense. With that, OES is dead. I have spent 5 years with this series, and it will always be in my heart. However, there is a new series on the horizon. Without further ado, here is what happened story-line purposes for the remainder of the season. 

Kyle Collins' death struck the community quite hard. Entering the Round of South Carolina, many tributes were seen to the late points leader. Darlington would be known as the greatest race in Orion Elite Series history. A grand total of 37 lead changes took place among 20 different drivers. The race was almost like something out of a movie. The race was eventually won by first time winner William Brock. 

The next race in Phoenix was a throwback weekend. Coming off the high that was Darlington, many people in the Orion Elite Series paddock were expecting a great race. Well the race itself was quite bland. It was eventually won by Jacob Hart, extending his points lead to 36 points over Tristan Wilhoit. 

The big news item entering the Pacific Flyaway portion of the season was that Chief Steward Todd Haley was finally fired from his role. His interim replacement was Vijay Pushanda. However, Pushanda acknowledged that Season 22 would be his final year of being CEO of the series. The Round of Japan was won by a rather surprising charge by Alex Allen, coming from last on the grid. The Australian Tour however began the reign of Madeline Myatt. Maddie ended up winning her first race at Surfer's Paradise, and then won again in Barbagallo. Noah Hart then was on a charge by winning the Round of Victoria and back to back races at Rio and Chicagoland. Most importantly, Jacob Hart on the other hand finished outside of the points 4 times across these 5 races. Only scoring 4 points in Rio. The Round of New Mexico was an all out duel between Noah Hart and Tristan Wilhoit. Beating and banging ended up resulting in Wilhoit going off the road and Hart winning his third race in succession. Point Leader Maddie Myatt ended up falling out. The low speed oval in Mexico was the sight of the biggest upset of the season. Aidan Shepherd in an F&S Marlone ended up scoring a win when a massive pilup entering the paraltada took place. Shepherd however was very fast all weekend. He held off a charge from Chris Dodd, and went on to win. 

The final two races were the sight of controversy. The Xbalten Government had invaded the Republic of Amaria. Due in part to the hostilities, Maddie Myatt and Kenny Myatt did not attend the Xbalten race. Therefore, they were replaced by Xavier De Urie and Marien Schalrotte. Chris Dodd ended up winning the Xbalten race. 

The crisis was settled with US intervention to protect the Amarian Republic. However, one of the biggest losses was that the Port Skyline International raceway was completely destroyed. As a result, a makeshift street circuit would be the location at which the championship would be decided between the top 3 in points. Tristan Wilhoit, Maddie Myatt, and Noah Hart. 

Wilhoit fell out of the lead early on. Only to blow his motor at the halfway mark of the race. Both Hart and Myatt were tied in points going into Amaria. Both drivers needed to finish 3rd or above to claim the championship, and beat the other. Both drivers slotted into 2nd and 3rd respectively. With 3 to go, Noah Hart made a bold pass on Maddie Myatt. Maddie could do nothing to pass Hart as the race went on. 

The race was won by Kenny Myatt, his 20th OES victory. However, Noah Hart went on to win his 3rd OES championship.

After the season, the CEO position went back to Kayla Tonney, much to the chagrin of everyone in the series. The series looks uncertain going into the future. However, the spirit of the series lives on, long after the OLINA Sports network lost the television rights.

Kenny Myatt:
RIP Orion Elite Series (3/9/12 - 4/10/17) (Season 22 write up, wrap-up) Kenny_11

Maddie Myatt:
RIP Orion Elite Series (3/9/12 - 4/10/17) (Season 22 write up, wrap-up) Maddie11

Erin Perkins:
RIP Orion Elite Series (3/9/12 - 4/10/17) (Season 22 write up, wrap-up) Maddie10

Sean Perkins:
RIP Orion Elite Series (3/9/12 - 4/10/17) (Season 22 write up, wrap-up) Sean_p10

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