Nick Mace on pace to set an astonishing record

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Nick Mace on pace to set an astonishing record Empty Nick Mace on pace to set an astonishing record

Post by FUEL on June 7th 2017, 4:52 pm

After Round 15 of Nashville, Nick Mace fought hard to keep his car out front. In a race that saw a lot of cars searching for grip to find control of their cars, Nick Mace was able to out run his competition all day. Mace came away with his 2nd win of the year and his 28th career victory! A win that helped move him closer to the championship fight, from 5 races ago sitting in the 21st position in the standings to now 6th in the title hunt as this season nears toward halfway in the year. We are witnessing Nick Mace shine at his best.

After Round 11 with him sitting 21st in the standings nearly 100 points back I thought this wasn't going to be his year but in 2 out of the last 5 races he has won a race and finished in the top half of the field in every race. Gaining ground on our contenders for the championship. Mace now sees himself 50 points back to point leader Jake Baskinger, a familiar site from 2015 close to this time of the year when Baskinger had a huge lead on Mace and Mace needed to run him down. Mace has momentum on his side as he heads towards Road Atlanta which he has found success in the past. Nick Mace is not only focused on another championship but to get 30 wins! What a milestone it could be to see Nick Mace get 30 wins. 30 wins in a single series is such an astonishing record, to get 5 wins in this series is tough enough but Nick Mace is searching for 30! Pretty incredible.

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