What Skye Commons' win in the Season Finale meant to the SCS Community

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What Skye Commons' win in the Season Finale meant to the SCS Community Empty What Skye Commons' win in the Season Finale meant to the SCS Community

Post by FUEL on November 28th 2017, 12:58 pm

D.J. Kurtis ran a good season all year, scoring 5 wins, 13 top 5s and 20 top 10 finishes. Coming to the checkered flag at Homestead the championship was overshadowed just a little bit by Season 3 ROTY Contender ending his career and winning for the first time in 343 races.

The win from Skye Commons meant so much more to the community than just another winless streak broken. The Sony Cup Series is a series based off multiple race teams getting together to try and be the absolute best. Some teams are better than others. Some have different standards than other. Some teams have standards of running Top 10 consistently, some teams shoot for consistent Top 20s. 

For Skye Commons winning at Homestead in his final race was a subliminal message to all the struggling veterans in the series than anything is possible. Skye Commons has raced for some of the best teams this series has to offer and has raced for some of the worst. Commons won 3 races in the first 2 seasons of his career but as it's been documented... Skye Commons has went on a crazy long winless streak. To be considered a capable driver of winning a race was all Skye Commons wanted to be looked at as. Starting the 2017 Season, Skye Commons had started his engine 300+ races since his last win and needing to solidify his ride for 2018. Struggling to stay in the Top 30 in points, AFRT announced they would release him following 2017 which made Skye Commons decide to step away from racing to help his son Tyler Commons start his career.

At Homestead however, Skye Commons found himself to go out on a career high. Wrote off as a washed up driver... Skye Commons never gave up. With 2015 ROTY driver Cody Llamas hounding him from behind and his teammate Ryan Acosta looking to take it away.... Commons stood his ground and took one home for the veterans of the series. For all the veterans in the series who are on long winless streaks. Commons made a statement during the 2017 Finale that anything is possible. You can never ever count out a past winner of the series. Commons showed the critics that he knows how to drive a race car and went out of the series as a race winner in Miami.

To all the past winners in the series struggling to find the same success they use to have in the past when winning was much easier... Commons showed a lot of the garage that winning on the big stage of the Sony Cup Series, in a series where it's so tough to run up front anymore.... That anything is possible and returning to the glory of popping champagne and celebrating with your race team is still a possibility even with the series being a physically and mentally draining as it has become. A lot of work goes into winning a Sony Cup Series race compared to what the series was many seasons ago.

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