Amazon Pro Series: Round 1 @ Daytona Practice Prep

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Amazon Pro Series: Round 1 @ Daytona Practice Prep Empty Amazon Pro Series: Round 1 @ Daytona Practice Prep

Post by kinqsparkity on March 22nd 2018, 3:36 pm

APS: Round 1 @ Daytona

With the season opener at Daytona International Speedway almost upon us, the Amazon Pro Series teams and drivers prepare for what lies ahead. The first practice session is coming up in just a few days, and we will be seeing some drivers that have impressed during their days in unaffiliated leagues. Some drivers are brand new to the world of stock car racing, but are looking to give their best shot. First off, we have Klever-Haas Racing made up of 4 very skilled drivers. Driving the #5, British driver Max Anderson looks to impress in the APS as he did in the UKRL. In the #10, team leader Kyle Basaglia looks to lead his team to a championship starting at Daytona. In the #15, Scott Roush, who was the final driver to join the team, looks to show that he has what it takes. Finally, Gerrard Oran pilots the #20 Stanley car for KHR, in hopes of proving he's got major talent. Fitzwater Australia Racing has Aussie driver Zachary Fitzwater, Sr. as the team leader in the #59, along with Brazil's own Julio Cesar in the #29, South Korea's Eric Demax in the #43, and USA's Eric Monaco in the #9. Pace Family Racing has 38-year-old team leader Steve Pace in the #2, Jeffery Finguy in the #17, Adam Vincent in the #46, and Darrell Watts in the #86. These are just a few of the teams and drivers that will be taking the track at Daytona to start the season off in practice. The stakes are high for victory, and we'll have to see who the champion will be throughout the course of 16 weeks. It all starts very soon.

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