James Silverfox will drop back to a part time schedule

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James Silverfox will drop back to a part time schedule Empty James Silverfox will drop back to a part time schedule

Post by FUEL on May 5th 2018, 1:40 pm

After a strong start to the season where YAMP Motorsports and James Silverfox put together 3 consecutive Top 10 finishes to start the year off... Silverfox agreed to continue racing for YAMP Motorsports after Round 3 that he will continue to try and fight for the points lead. However, Silverfox and the #28 team have not scored a Top 10 finish since Round 3 at California. It's been 5 races now since Silverfox's last Top 10 Finish... Silverfox has slid from 2nd in points to outside the Top 15 in points in just 5 races and the team has struggled to find speed ever since. Now with Silverfox falling down the order in the points and hasn't had the finishes to show any worth the team has made the call to drop the #28 team back down to part time and focus on it's 3 cars of the #1, #38 and #88 Ford's for their full time program. 

Silverfox will race in 6 more races this year for YAMP Motorsports. He will share the ride with Hayden Kline for the remainder of the season who will race in 4 races. Next time we will see the #28 team back on the track will be at Charlotte with Hayden Kline behind the wheel.

#28 YAMP Motorsports Schedule

Round 12: Hayden Kline (Charlotte)
Round 14: James Silverfox (Texas)
Round 15: Hayden Kline (Kansas)
Round 20: James Silverfox (Indianapolis)
Round 21: James Silverfox (Iowa)
Round 25: James Silverfox (Darlington)
Round 26: Hayden Kline (Las Vegas)
Round 30: James Silverfox (South Boston)
Round 34: Hayden Kline (Atlanta)
Round 35: James Silverfox (Rockingham)

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