Athenian Motorsports will merge into Kurtis Racing for 2019

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Athenian Motorsports will merge into Kurtis Racing for 2019 Empty Athenian Motorsports will merge into Kurtis Racing for 2019

Post by FUEL on May 11th 2018, 5:32 pm

A few weeks back Eric Burton announced that he will be stepping away from the series as an owner/driver after 2018. This left a big frenzy in the garage about what is going to happen to the race team for the 2019 Season with 3 of it's other drivers of Levi Pascoe, Sean Harple and PJ Williams wondering if they'll have a ride at the end of the year whether their race team would get a new owner to lead the way for another season like Eric Burton has done for 2018...

However, the stakes for Athenian Motorsports has been sold off to one of it's partners in the series of Kurtis Racing. Kurtis Racing will assume all ownership of what was Athenian Motorsports with all of it's assets in engineers, fabricators and race cars to boot with the whole deal. Kurtis Racing being a family owned team that has worked their way up the racing series from Nationals to Cup with National Series Champion, Dylan Schwallenberg being one of their drivers for their rookie Cup team.

Kurtis Racing has said they don't plan on keeping the original 4 car team that Athenian Motorsports has for this year as it's "not their style". This means that Athenian Motorsports will not race in 2019 and will be handed off to another race team as they will buy them out at the end of the year. No word as of now what the future holds for sponsors and driver line up but this will leave many drivers on the outside-looking in for a ride in 2019... Making Schwallenberg, Hernandez, Pascoe, Harple, PJ Williams, Cory Williams and West of all drivers on the market connected with this race team that will force many to find new rides for 2019. It will be expected to be an interesting game of musical chairs in the next few months on what will happen for the driver line up for Silly Season.

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