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Post by Hsuorttocs on December 8th 2016, 7:20 am

Name: Scott Roush
Age: 18
D.o.B.: 12/17/S3
Active Racing Series: ARCSOA Elite Series
Debut Year: Season 21
Current Team: Action Terra
Wins: 0
Best Points Finish: Bad. It was bad.

Scott Roush, Alabama's only driver in ARCSOA Elite Series competition, was actually born in Clermont, Florida. He loved racing since he could understand what was going on on the TV, watching the stars of AES and his favorite series Sony Cup Series battle. At Age 7 he was diagnosed with ADHD. When he completed 3rd Grade his family had to move due to a promotion his dad got. Scott wouldn't sit around when they moved there. They had so many projects they worked on, Late Models, Bandoleros, Street Stock, Go Karts, you name it they worked on it.

At 16 Scott was the Track Champion at Montgomery Motorspeedway, won 5 races at Atlanta in a Bandolero, 12 in a Legend car. At 17 he added a championship in Late Models, Street Stock, and Legend Car Racing. He came into both Sony Cup Series and ARCSOA Elite Series at 18, to be shadowed by Ricky Johnson, Jonny Gardner, Kenny Myatt and others. Scott joined AES and got the call from Honda Development Team, an A Class team, and Action Terra, a D Class team. Scott wanted to develop himself as a driver so he ended up at Action Terra.

Despite being an extreme underdog, Scott placed 7th at Road Atlanta, he would topthat at Caulder Park and Match it at El Salto. The rest of the year luck has gotten in the way of great performances. For an example at Britain, he cut across the front of then-points leader Charles Sandfer's nose and spun. Another example would be him missing both the A700X and Indy 250 races. You need another? At Rio he got spun by Treck Tauger who didn't see him coming, which ended another great run with heartbreak, later on Treck would pay the repair bill though voluntarily. As Action Terra announced its closing at the end of S21, Scott got the call from someone he drove for in Hardee's National Series. Chris Dodd hired Scott for the #38 and Scott cannot wait to get going in Season 22!

Sony Cup Series Universe
Free Agent
"To finish 1st, first you must finish" - Scott Roush
SCS Wins: 0

Season 2 PWCOM
Scott Roush  Srg10
My one Championship includes something TBA
Primary Character Wins: 15
Secondary Character Wins: 7
Poles: 0
PS3 League Wins: 5
- S1 Best Buy CS @ Las Vegas (first trip)
- S1 Best Buy CS @ Auto Club (first trip)
- S1 Grainger CS @ Dover (first trip)
- S2 Best Buy CS @ Daytona (500)
- S1 Ditech CS @ Kansas (first trip)
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