Cody Llamas: "We're becoming the team we need to be."

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Cody Llamas: "We're becoming the team we need to be." Empty Cody Llamas: "We're becoming the team we need to be."

Post by FUEL on February 12th 2017, 1:21 am

Cody Llamas finished just outside the Top 10 after Las Vegas and said to his team after he climbed out, "Good work everybody we are getting there." During the media press after Las Vegas Llamas told us, "CBM has been making huge gains. Our program has been good but not on the level as them other guys. We haven't been this competitive every weekend consecutively in a long time. Our new program we have going on is great we have had atleast one of our cars tuned up just right every race so far. We're becoming the team we need to be to go win races and championships. I won't say I'm happy with 11th, no race car driver wants to go into a race and finish Top 15 in a race but our in-race performances having the speed to run with those guys (Mace Enterprises/Martin Motorsports) is something I'm super excited about and can't wait to get back to California."

Cody Llamas in only 3 starts so far this season has finishes of 23rd, 14th and 11th. Currently sitting 12th in the main season points as he gets ready to go back to California next weekend where he got his first career win in the Cup Series last year.

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