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Llamas and Pascoe proving consistency is key

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Llamas and Pascoe proving consistency is key Empty Llamas and Pascoe proving consistency is key

Post by FUEL on February 19th 2017, 8:42 pm

Cody Llamas and Levi Pascoe are perfect examples of consistency is key. After only 4 races they sit 10th and 12th in the main season points within a race of Jeff James (the point leader) in the run for the championship. Reasons why I say Llamas and Pascoe are perfect examples why they prove consistency is key is because they have only had one finish outside the Top 20. Every other finish this season has been Top 15 runs finishes. While some drivers have had a few Top 10s they have also failed to be as consistent in the finishes.

Llamas and Pascoe are the only drivers inside the Top 25 in points with 0 top 10s this season and they sit 10th and 12th in the overall standings close to a full race back to the point leader. I'm sure both drivers have really wanted better runs but in this point format we asked the question about Pascoe earlier this season if he could contend for a championship under this point format which was completely different to last years that almost worked out well for him last year. He's proving us wrong early on that you can't rule him out.

Yes, it's only Round 4 out of 36 races and we have 32 races left but this is a good sign for Llamas and Pascoe who both haven't been looked at as much.

Cody Llamas: We finished around a Top 10 finish again (11th) Not the day we were hoping for honestly I really wanted to go win today but we just couldn't quite run with those guys. We need a little more. Finishing just outside the top 10 every race isn't going to win a championship. I believe this team is capable of doing it with me or Kurtis and we want to bring it home for CBM. Our hard work is showing through. I'm proud of my guys for the finishes we've been able to get this year and be consistent in gathering as much points as possible but we need more.

Levi Pascoe: You know last year we finished pretty good near the end of the season. With the way it's set up now, I don't think we would've finished as high up as we did. But, we've been working to try and finish better, and you know so far it's going great. Can't complain with being in the top 12 in points this early. Obviously we want to win it all, and I think with some minor improvements, I think we're a real threat. If you look at last year I didn't have a fantastic year to start but we finished in the top 5 with a win. If we can maybe get a good run going, I definitely think we're a force to be reckoned with up front. We're working our way up front as it is, getting better every race. Having Eric Burton on the team to help show me the ropes has been a big help as well. This is only my second year, so there's still a bunch to learn. There's stuff he's helped talk with me about that's been a huge help. I'm still feeling my way around so just having that kind of mentor helps tremendously.

As both drivers get ready to take on a road course over seas in the Philippines, both drivers have a lot to prove that they can compete with the big name drivers of the series. Both Llamas and Pascoe have 1 win to their career; neither driver has had a break out moment in their career. They're knocking on the door of being a top driver of the series.

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