Round 20 of Watkins Glen (2nd Trip)

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Round 20 of Watkins Glen (2nd Trip) Empty Round 20 of Watkins Glen (2nd Trip)

Post by nhood53 on July 15th 2017, 9:00 pm

Brenna Carmichael had an unsuccessful attempt to back up her miraculous win here in the 1st trip (Round 9.) She wrecked in an incident also involving Vernio, Shepherd, and Hunter, finishing out of the race.

Christian Merrick Jr. came into this round outside the Chase. He started on the pole and led 24 laps of the race's 41. Unfortunately, Merrick was caught as a "sitting duck" on the restart after a late spin for Benoit Lothaire-Irvine and finished 4th. After this race, he is now only one point away from making the Chase.

Joki Lethinen was an early contender, leading 8 of the race's first 10 laps. His race was altered by a pit stop on lap 11, when he was penalized for speeding. He served his pass through and remained on the lead lap, finishing in the mid-20's.

Charles Sandfer earned himself a new nickname this weekend. The 70 car started near the rear (24th) and was a non contender all race long. He caught a lucky break on a late caution involving Benoit Lothaire and got the Watkins Glen trophy.

Penalties after the Glen:
Brenna Carmichael- Fined 3.3 points (the value of her previous win) for the lap 1 crash, which had the possibility to injure Shepherd. Shepherd was OK, but this could've been an Ian Dutta moment.

Results- Top 10
1. 70 Sandfer
2. 9 Roush
3. 40 Dumindu
4. 49 Merrick Jr.
5. 06 Ja. Lethinen
6. 30 Lukewalker
7. 20 Jackson
8. 6 H. Stucolé
9. 44 Scott
10. 46 J. Bright

The other lap leaders besides Merrick were:
Joki Lethinen- 5 laps
Tommy Roberts- 2 laps
Scott Roush- 4 laps
Dumindu- 2 laps
Charles Sandfer- 4 laps

Nathan Hood

All characters in these works are fictional and should not be taken as impersonation. Thanks.

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