Penalties after Watkins Glen

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Penalties after Watkins Glen Empty Penalties after Watkins Glen

Post by FUEL on August 8th 2017, 10:48 pm

After the institution of our new rule where if you are the cause of 3 wrecks in a race you get disqualified from the race and earn a grid penalty for the following race... The rule was implemented to keep drivers in line and from driving erratically.

Andreas Allen will be receiving a penalty following the Watkins Glen race however he will not be getting disqualified. Allen was involved in 3 wrecks at Watkins Glen however the wreck that ultimately spun him out on the front straight away was not called on him. Allen and Baskinger had been racing hard for laps, Allen was trying to keep Baskinger behind him and it seemed that Baskinger got a little too aggressive with Allen being defensive on the race track by blocking however Baskinger ultimately was the one who never lifted for Allen all the way off the corner. We called the wreck on Baskinger however it could of been avoided by both.

Andreas Allen officially had claims of 2 wrecks however one wreck was avoidable on his end but not called on his for the cause... The SCS Officials are slapping Allen with a grid penalty for rough and wreckless driving in the race for being involved in 3 wrecks during the race.

Penalty List
Andreas Allen: Grid Penalty; Start Last For Round 24

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