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New Penalty System Put In Place Empty New Penalty System Put In Place

Post by nhood53 on December 7th 2017, 6:48 pm

After the goings-down at the Season Finale last season, the NMGAR has decided to go for a different penalty system. The move has been contemplated for a while now by the officials and they said now was a good time for change.
The new system put in place is in a 3-strike format. However, each seperate offense is worth a different amount of strikes. While some, like accidentally crashing into someone, is worth no strikes, others like  fighting and other types of negative physical activity is worth all 3.
Penalty System and Points
Crashing into Someone Accidentally- 0
Wrecking Someone For the Win- 1
Erratic Driving on speedway- 1
All Penalties Incurred on Track (speeding, passing pace car, ignoring black flags/blue flags, etc.)- 1
Intentional Crashing (Short Track, RC)- 1
Intentional Crashing (Speedway) - 2
Manipulating the Outcome- 2
Holding people up- 2 (if this is incurred, Ignoring Blue Flags is not)
Intentional Crashing Superspeedway- 3
Fighting- 3
Altercation with Officials- 3
No Regard- 3 (This is incurred by a lapped car if they cause a crash while lapped. This does not include situations where two lappers wreck each other, only when they wreck someone on the lead lap or cause a wreck on the lead lap.)

Chase Only penalties
Wrecking a Championship Contender- 1
Intentionally wrecking a Championship Contender- 2
Fighting/No Regard toward a Championship Contender- 3

Final Round
Wrecking a Final 4 Member costs you 2 strikes.

Strikes do not carry over between seasons. If someone earns their 3rd strike during the Final 4 event, it means nothing. Earning a third strike means that the ride you own will be vacated for 1 race and the person who is next in line in the Non Charter Championship will take over your ride for that race.

Kyle Patterson (No Regard penalty @Charlotte.)

Jake Moss- 1 (All Penalties Incurred on Speedway- Injuring another driver in a crash)
Kyle Patterson- 1 (+3 strikes No Regard, +1 strike Wrecking the Leader)

Nathan Hood

All characters in these works are fictional and should not be taken as impersonation. Thanks.

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