Season 2 PWCOM ROTY Notes and Predictions

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Season 2 PWCOM ROTY Notes and Predictions Empty Season 2 PWCOM ROTY Notes and Predictions

Post by CJ Racing on January 17th 2018, 10:49 pm

Season 2 PWCOM ROTY Notes and Predictions
Written by: Ryan Smith, Writer of Everything PWCOM on the OLINA Sports Network

Season 2 ROTY Candidates
#10 Tibo Hasler (Liechtenstein)
#12 Scott Roush (USA)
#14 Andreas Allen (USA)
#16 Jackson Harrows (Australia)
#18 Paul Jackson (New Jersey)
#21 Thiery Whetteneaux (France)
#22 Alexander Rowe (USA)
#26 Patrik Holub (Czech Republic)
#29 William Karlsson Jr. (Sweden)
#30 Victor Vandame (Canada)

Notes to Know about the S2 Rookie Class
Youngest Rookie Driver: Alexander Rowe, 21 Years Old
Oldest Rookie Driver: Andreas Allen, 45 Years Old
Rookies with Prior AES Experience: Scott Roush, Andreas Allen, Alexander Rowe
Teams that have “Double Rookies”: Thundersport GP, Thunderbolt Dodge.

Rookies by “Region”:
The Americas(North + South America): 5 Rookies
Europe/Africa: 4 Rookies
Asia/Australia: 1 Rookie

Stat: There are 10 rookies in this season's class, down from 13 last season.

Ryan Smith: “Season 1's ROTY battle ended up really coming down to 3 drivers, with Rena Hirose beating out Nathan McKane and Takumi Hirano to claim the ROTY title (despite McKane actually beating out Hirose in the Point Standings).

For Season 2, while anything can(and probably will) happen through the course of a season, it is looking like it will be another 3-driver battle for ROTY, between Tibo Hasler, Scott Roush, and Andreas Allen. Jackson Harrows and Paul Jackson could play a factor, but it will be a bit tough for them to battle those front three. As for the other 5 rookies, Alexander Rowe could be the biggest threat of the rookies on the new teams, considering he has prior AES experience.

But back to who we consider to be the favorites for the ROTY title:
For Tibo Hasler, his strongest suit could be the team he is running for, Windhelm Motorworks. They were the best team that hired a rookie, and both of their drivers last season won a race, one of only 4 teams to be able to accomplish that feat. He will need that speed to overcome a lack of major racing experience, something that his 2 biggest competitors both have.

For Scott Roush, his strongest suit could come in having the most recent racing experience, having come literally straight from the ARCSOA Elite Series and landing himself in a solid ride. While these cars are heavier and slower then the AES cars, having that recent experience in a stock car will still come in handy, and he will need it too considering the driver who many consider will be the top threat for the ROTY title.

For Andreas Allen, the 45-year old ARCSOA Veteran is looking to make a comeback after a decade of not racing, could be the biggest wildcard of the entire season period, not just in the ROTY battle. His years of experience in major racing series, and winning several races in the AES, is something that cannot be denied. However, what also can't be denied is that he hasn't raced in 10 seasons... That's a heck of a long time to be away from the track for anyone, to just come back and succeed at a major level. But even though he has a lot of pressure on himself, and while it might take him a while to get acclimated to racing again, there is no doubt that once he figures this out, that he will be very hard to beat.

My Prediction on who Will Win Season 2 ROTY :
My Prediction on who Will Win Season 2 ROTY:
When it comes down to it, we believe having that prior major racing experience will play key for Scott Roush and Andreas Allen. While it will take some time for Andreas to get comfortable in these cars, Scott Roush should be able to fire on all cylinders from the get-go. The battle could really come down to if Roush can get an early jump in the ROTY standings and hold it throughout the season, or if Allen can limit his mistakes as he is getting accustomed to the car, and make a charge in the latter part of the season.

At the end of the day, we hope that it will be an incredible battle, but only one driver can be crowned the ROTY... And we believe that driver will be:

Scott Roush! It will take an amazing effort for the Alabama native, but we believe that his recent racing experience, combined with his determination to make a name for himself after the fallout in the AES. While I expect Andreas Allen to be a serious contender all season long, there has to be something said after not having raced for so long, and in a 15 race season a quick early start could very well be the difference maker.

We are excited to get the 2nd season started, and this ROTY class is gonna be a good one. It's almost time to go racing!”

Chris Dodd:
2018 SCS: Driver of the #15 Oreo's Ford for Martin Motorsports
Wins: None(Yet Smile ...)
DNF's: Too Many
Amount of Fun: Priceless

Memorable Moments:
1st Daytona 500 win(as an owner); PNOCS S2 Daytona 500!! (As a Driver); 2-Time Daytona 500 Winner
S1 Duraflame National Racing Series CHAMP, S2 Hershey's Cup Series CHAMP, S3 DASCAR Martini Endurance Series CHAMP!

Motto: Always remember... WATCH OUT FOR THE ORANGE CONE!!
CJ Racing
CJ Racing
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Season 2 PWCOM ROTY Notes and Predictions Empty Re: Season 2 PWCOM ROTY Notes and Predictions

Post by UndyingLight on January 17th 2018, 11:05 pm

Harrows: "I will try my very best to pull out any and every good result I can. My car may not be the fastest on the track, but with a good bit of strategy, in-depth study, if I play my card right, I could very well be fighting up there with rookie legends. Take my word for it - I will be trying at best I can do! You can count on it."

Harrows: "I am not the kind of guy to want to do less than I could if I tried to do more. Let me put it this way, I am no soul to be judged if I try my best, but anything less than that is a sheer failure on my part to do my team proud. Whatever happens in this first season, I will still be doing my best, even with the unknown still rearing its ugly head. All in all, good luck to all those in the same boat as I am, or those who have surpassed me down here where some could consider it slums."

Whetteneaux: "I don't give two f**ks about this mambi-pambi half-hearted attempt to get me to sound any way, shape, or form excited for this d*mn series. I am in s**t machinery and I will not do well, but I will be d*mned if I do not complain about it every step of the way. F**k you all."
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