Historic Moments: Winning on Debut

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Historic Moments: Winning on Debut Empty Historic Moments: Winning on Debut

Post by nhood53 on January 20th 2018, 6:30 pm

Only four drivers have ever won on debut, and those were:
Joey Lombardi- S1 Atlanta
Louise Johnson- S4 Daytona
Tripontakio Vernio- S7 Kentucky
Alexia Wise- S9 Kentucky
Only one of these drivers has gotten a win since, and that was Joey Lombardi, who won races in seasons 1, 2, and 5.

Louise Johnson won her debut in S4 Daytona. Louise went on to have her win as one of two career podium finish, and stepped away from racing momentarily after Season 6, when she ran 1 race at Rusty's Chicken Farm, in which she crashed out. She made her return in various S9 one off events including Darlington where she claimed third.

Tripontakio Vernio was a relative success in his first two seasons. He won his first career start at S7 Kentucky, then went on that season to be a Final Four chase contender against Icks, Roush, and Sandfer. Vernio finished 3rd in the finale and went into Season 8 changing numbers from 58 to 61. The 61 team, which had achieved two wins with various drivers in Season 7, had a troubled existence in Season 8. Vernio was outside the Chase by 1 point after getting passed late in the regular season finale by now-Chaser Lexi McFarland. Vernio would get penalized at Carbondale and put on probation when things went down for him. He had a falling-out with ClimberTech Racing over the Carbondale incident and went on to realign with Team Grounded, starting up the family operation now known as TGD Vernio Tech. He has not been competitive at all this season in the 43 TGDVT car, with a best finish of 14th (Daytona).

Alexia Wise got her first win on debut at Kentucky. The debut season for the driver is still going on but has so far not seen much luck since the win.
In conclusion, it is probably not best to think about winning on debut in the CTRS.

Nathan Hood

All characters in these works are fictional and should not be taken as impersonation. Thanks.

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