Dom Caps: "This feels so surreal"

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Dom Caps: "This feels so surreal" Empty Dom Caps: "This feels so surreal"

Post by FUEL on March 12th 2018, 6:07 pm

Teams prepare all off season to try and win the DAYTONA 500. The DAYTONA 500 is one of the biggest races the series will host all year long and to win this race is very special. Starting the 500 mile race in DAYTONA yesterday, 42 drivers took to the green flag knowing they had a shot to win the Great American Race. The DAYTONA 500 saw 61 lead changes between 12 drivers, the last lead change was the past for the lead on the back straight away with 2 laps to go as Dom Caps slingshot his way past Steven Jenkins for the win.

Dom Caps: "This one was better than the first. After all the second place finishes last year and not getting to win and then to finally have everything go or way and to end up in victory lane is crazy. This feels so surreal. I can’t believe I’m sitting in victory lane for the Daytona 500. People try their whole careers and don’t win this race and now I’ve won it twice. It’s just unreal."

Dom Caps' win in the DAYTONA 500 is his 2nd career win in the great race! He joined Nicholas Korodovos, Jacob Hart and Sean Perkins as the only drivers to win 2 DAYTONA 500's ever. Caps also broke his long winless streak of 156 races without a win, his last win dating all the way back in Season 16 in Savannah. Dom Caps finished 2nd, 6 times last year and also came runner up in the championship... He's starting the year off on top of the world down in DAYTONA Beach Florida.

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