Mace Enterprises Finalizes Driver Line Up

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Mace Enterprises Finalizes Driver Line Up Empty Mace Enterprises Finalizes Driver Line Up

Post by FUEL on August 4th 2016, 11:38 pm

Today, we had a few changes in Silly Season... We will be mentioning only the Mace Enterprises team on this thread. The 4 drivers currently racing for Mace Enterprises has given the team 5 victories in 23 races so far this season! That's the most wins of a team this season, FUEL Brothers Racing is only 1 win behind with 4 wins this season. Nick Mace said during Silly Season last year he wanted a power house team that he knew could get the job done... Questions aroused around this team wondering if these past veterans could still do the job right. They are proving that the new comers aren't as strong as they thought. The youngest driver on Mace Enterprises is Jordan Davis and he started his first SCS season 13 seasons ago in Season 7 winning the championship his rookie year.

Nick Mace, Richerd Johnson, Eugene Demax, and Jordan Davis have proven strong this season. Combine all these drivers together you get 68 wins and 5 championships. Amazing record! That's absolutely insane! 68 wins combined of drivers on a team is so much. 5 Championships is such a big record. Richerd and Jordan got their titles driving for a different team but still credit where credit is due....

Mace Enterprises last year had only 1 win this time of the year, now they have 5 wins. Big step up. Nick Mace wanted to sign a 2-3 year contract with all drivers this year. Eugene Demax was the first driver to sign back with a 3 year contract, Jordan Davis and Richerd Johnson were holding off on their contracts until today. They announced what they were going to do. Jordan has resigned to a 2 year contract with Mace, while Richerd Johnson the Season 1 and 5 champion is hanging up the helmet for now... will this season be the last of Richerd? We don't know but he didn't rule out a return but said he was stepping down from the series. Richerd Johnson and Nick Mace are the only drivers left in the series to have ran one race in atleast every season. Richerd will complete possibly his last full time season this season. We wish him the best of luck, 23 wins and 2 championships is a big record he is one of the all-time greats.

But who will replace Richerd Johnson on Mace Enterprises? Well Nick Mace said he will not run the #20 car on his team next season and letting the #20 be a free agent number for teams to grab if they want, which FBR will be taking the #20 car number. Mace Enterprises will be going back to the #25 Chevy for next season. The sponsors? Delphi and Budweiser. The driver? Jeffery Lynn! Jeffery Lynn driver of the HorizonGroup #76 Dodge was looking at all options for next season and with the offer like Mace Enterprises you just can't turn it down.

Jeffery said this, "This is so cool. My only races I won in were by chevy, I love chevy. Dodge isn't that bad but Mace (Enterprises) is the best I have won driving the #24 and #25 before in the series and I know I can win races with Mace Enterprises. 2017 is going to be fun." Jeffery Lynn is going to be in one of the best cars on the grid we are going to have to see how he does replacing Richerd Johnson's seat on the team. Richerd has yet to win this season, he's the only driver on the Mace team that has yet to win in 2016. Mace wants to see Richerd win again before he steps down and wants Richerd to join the other cars in the Chase. Looking to Jeffery a high contestant in Silly Season that team owners were offering rides to landed in a hot ride with Mace Enterprises for the #25 Delphi/Budweiser Chevy.

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