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Post by FUEL on November 26th 2016, 5:32 pm

Only two drivers finished 2016 with 20 or more Top 10 finishes, Nick Mace and Noah Hart, both had 20 Top 10s. Very similar to last year, we had only 2 drivers in 2015 finish the year with 20 or more Top 10 finishes and that was Nick Mace and Jesse Turner.

15 Drivers had 10 or more Top 10 finishes in 2016, the list of these 15 drove their heart out all year and ran a pretty good year. Nick Mace (20), Noah Hart (20), Luke Martin (18), Jeff James (16), Eugene Demax (15), Jordan Davis (14), James Silverfox (14), Jacob Hart (14), Jesse Turner (14), Aaron Taylor (14), Zachary Fitzwater (13), DJ Kurtis (13), Eric Burton (12), Dillon Young (12), and Jeffery Lynn (12)

Nick Mace was the only driver to lead over 400 laps all year long.

Nick Mace, Jesse Turner, Sean Perkins, Eugene Demax, Noah Hart, Jordan Davis, Zachary Fitzwater, and Luke Martin led the series with an amazing 200+ laps led all year.

Mace Enterprises led the series with the most wins by any team all year with a total of 9 wins in 2016.

Win List in 2016 by Teams
Mace Enterprises 9
Martin Motorsports 6
FUEL Brothers Racing 5
Red Bull 4
Cyberton Motorsports 4
Turner Fenway Racing 2
Allen Family Racing 2
HorizonGroup 2
Yamp Motorsports 1
Athenian Motorsports 1

Martin Motorsports led all teams with the most top 10 finishes all year. With their being only two 4 car teams of Mace Enterprises and Martin Motorsports it would make sense one of them would have the most Top 10 finishes.

How Many Top 10 Finishes Teams Earned All Year
Martin Motorsports (4 cars): 60
Mace Enterprises (4 cars): 57
FUEL Brothers Racing (3 cars): 42
Turner Fenway Racing (3 cars): 38
HorizonGroup (3 cars): 33
Cyberton Motorsports (3 cars): 28
Yamp Motorsports (3 cars): 25
Redbull (3 cars): 21
Allen Family Racing Team (3 cars): 14
Blue Flare Motorsports (3 cars): 13
Athenian Motorsports (2 cars): 8
SUMS Racing (1 car): 7
Finguy-Psytomi Motorsports (2 cars): 4
ARC Racing (2 cars): 4
Red Stallion Racing (2 cars): 3
Fisher Motorsports (2 cars): 2
CM Racing (1 car): 0
Titanium Motorsports (2 cars): 0

*Dom Caps never scored a top 10 finish all year long* Marking the first season he's ever ran that he didn't finish in the top 10 atleast 1 time*

Teams that went winless in 2016
Blue Flare Motorsports 0
Swagger Motorsports 0
SUMS Racing 0
Finguy-Psytomi Motorsports 0
Red Stallion Racing 0
Fisher Motorsports 0
ARC Racing 0
Titanium Motorsports 0
CM Racing 0

Drivers who we expected to win this year but failed to do so... Jake Baskinger, Andreas Allen, Zebulun Stark, Vincent Allen, Skye Commons, Treck Tauger, Alan Cavagnaro, Nick Pericles, Dom Caps, Matt Duncan, Cooper Syron, Charles Sandfer, Matt Daleo, Dillon Young, Eric Burton.

Wow that's pretty incredible that these drivers never found victory lane in 2016. Some is a bigger surprise than others but the teams they started with expected wins and they never were able to win.

Yamp Motorsports in 2015, won 7 races! In 2016, they only won 1 race! That's quite the down fall! We expected the team to keep going and win a lot of races in 2016 but besides the Talladega win early in the year by James Silverfox the team hasn't been where they need to be especially when only 1 of their 3 cars was a title contender all year.

Blue Flare Motorsports in 2015 was all about building the program and making it a top 10 car. In 2016 they felt ready to try and close the deal and win in 2016. Treck Tauger won their qualifying race for the Finale in 2015 so the team felt prepared to finally win. That wasn't the case. Despite coming close many times with Sean Perkins, Nick Pericles and Alan Cavagnaro and capping off the year with 3 top 5 finishes and 13 top 10 finishes the team fell short.

Ford in 2015 won 26 of 36 races. After an incredible year they come into 2016 and only grab 9 victories. Still a good amount, but when you look at the comparison... Chevy and Toyota really fought back this year. Chevy in 2015 only won 2 races, this year they won 10! With the limited amount of Chevy teams in the series the wins were carried by Mace Enterprises (9) and Athenian Motorsports (1). Toyota like Chevy only had 2 victories in 2015, their first win last year didn't come until Round 30! This year they dominated with FUEL Brothers Racing (6) and Redbull (4) putting the team tied for the most wins of a manufacturer. Dodge also had a year to be happy about. Dodge only had 1 win by Allen Family Racing Team in 2015. This year, AFRT and HorizonGroup gave them both 2 wins of their teams, giving them 4 wins during the year. As Dodge continues to try and become one of the top manufacturers they had a good year. BMW our 5th manufacturer has had only one team running their engines and they have ran well with them all these years but with Cyberton Motorsports switching to Ford next year BMW will say goodbye to SCS, atleast for now.

Manufacturer Win Count
Chevy 10
Toyota 10
Ford 9
Dodge 4

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Post by FitzwaterAustralia59 on November 27th 2016, 6:02 pm

Career High 13 Top 10s Wow
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