Cloud9 Racing might be cutting back on races...

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Cloud9 Racing might be cutting back on races... Empty Cloud9 Racing might be cutting back on races...

Post by FUEL on February 12th 2017, 12:24 am

Cloud9 Racing had high hopes for starting the season when Michael White qualified for the Daytona 500. The team won a bit of money from the Daytona 500 result however after 2 straight races of two of their cars missing races consecutively, Taco Bell one of Cloud9's big sponsors for Aidan Shepherd has decided to no longer fund the race team. Taco Bell and Cloud9 was working under a weekly contract as the team's future never has been official for this season.

Cloud9 Racing still plans to attempt both cars at California however if the entire team misses the race, Cloud9 will drop to a part time schedule with Huddle House sponsoring Matt Daleo. Aidan Shepherd and Matt Daleo's cup career for this season hangs in the ballot solely on making the race at California. If they can make the Round of California to help pay for funds they'll continue to come to the track every weekend.

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