Blue Flare Motorsports on the rise?

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Blue Flare Motorsports on the rise? Empty Blue Flare Motorsports on the rise?

Post by FUEL on March 13th 2017, 2:00 pm

In the past 3 races we have seen a Blue Flare Motorsports car inside the Top 5 towards the front battling for the win/lead. If we are talking about the most competitive Toyota team contending for race wins... I believe Blue Flare Motorsports has shown the most muscle this season! Charles Sandfer, Alan Cavagnaro and Zachary Fitzwater have shared some time at the front battling but as of late Blue Flare Motorsports ran Top 10 with both their cars for the most part of California, 2nd place finish for Perkins at the Philippines nearly winning the race and Collins salvaging another 2nd place for the team.

The team sits 23rd and 26th in points after Darlington but they are showing speed that they haven't really been showing over the past 2 previous seasons.

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