Blue Flare Motorsports to close shop after 2019 season

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Blue Flare Motorsports to close shop after 2019 season Empty Blue Flare Motorsports to close shop after 2019 season

Post by MrKyleCollins on December 12th 2018, 10:19 pm

Well, what can I say? Johnson Freeman and Kyle Collins have really created something unique with this team. Straight out of a small shop in Canada they’ve made it to the top tiers of Motorsports. Sony Cup Series. In what started as two shitty Toyota’s grew into a partnership with the biggest team at the moment (FUEL Brothers) and into what it is now. Sure they’ve never been overly competitive, but they’ve definitely made themselves known in the garage. The Canadian kindness some may say.

2019 will make the fourth year since they started their endeavour in the series and Johnson Freeman has announced that it will confirmed be the teams last. It’s not a sponsorship problem, it’s just that they feel like they have stones left unturned in the Canadian series. This has been the most toughest decision in Johnson’s life.

Freeman: “It breaks my heart to have to make this announcement. It’s been one hell of a ride though. Just to think only 4 years ago we were leading LASTCAR and now we have the ability to compete for wins. It’s whack when you think of it. But all good things must come to an end at some point. Our journey here will be over at seasons end, this will be our send off year. Hopefully we’ll get that win we’ve been craving.”

With Chris Louviere and Nick Pericles behind the wheels of their two cars hopefully they can make a little bit of noise before the team calls it quits. Only time will tell.

(OCC: In all honesty, this was a tough decision to make. For Noah and I alike I’m sure. But at the moment I’m busy enough with 6 subjects that have exams plus my sports, next year will he even more hectic as I’ll be trying to keep the grades high enough for kinesiology. So it’s best the journey ends after this year. I’d like to thank all of you guys so much. For helping me through the bad times and making the good times even better, it’s been like 6 years and I have so much respect and love for all of you. I’m glad I could be apart of this masterpiece and I’ll never forget it<3
Let’s make this last year a damn good one!)

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