Kurtis Racing moving up to Sony Cup in 2018

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Kurtis Racing moving up to Sony Cup in 2018 Empty Kurtis Racing moving up to Sony Cup in 2018

Post by DKurtis on July 3rd 2017, 11:46 am

After debuting in the Hardee's National Series in 2016, and currently having a successful 2017 campaign with drivers Dylan Schwallenberg and Bradley Bishop Jr., team owners Joseph Kurtis and D.J. Kurtis have announced that Kurtis Racing will be moving up to the 2018 Sony Cup Series in 2018. The two are deciding to buy out the ARC Racing equipment in order to start a Cup Series program for upcoming drivers. The decision whether to have one or two cars is uncertain at the moment, but their Hardee's program will still remain for the drivers.

"We're looking forward to seeing how well we can do in the Sony Cup Series, obviously we won't be a fast Chevy team off the bat compared to the Mace Enterprises cars for example, but we have to get solid results for the team in order to help develop and strengthen the team for the future," Joseph Kurtis stated.

"We have multiple engineers and mechanics helping us out, just like in the HNS, we're going to be aiming for making the show for drivers, and as for drivers, we're going to have to go searching, because there's so much potential in multiple drivers, we'll just have to wait and see," D.J. Kurtis explained.

As for car numbers, that's to be decided. Kurtis Racing is one of the few teams that were built in the Hardee's National Series to move up to the Sony Cup Series, they are truly starting from the ground up.

"Life can be complicated, but it's an inevitable fate." -D.J. Kurtis

2 time Sony Cup Series Champion, a HNS Champion (as an owner), and President of the Hardee's National Series

Owner of Kurtis Racing for the HNS (#14, #4), SCS, (#8, #4), and KR Honda for ARCSOA (#9, #48).

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