Charles Sandfer: "My mindset going into 2018 is to rebound"

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Charles Sandfer: "My mindset going into 2018 is to rebound" Empty Charles Sandfer: "My mindset going into 2018 is to rebound"

Post by FUEL on December 15th 2017, 3:46 pm

Charles Sandfer, Season 9 DAYTONA 500 Champion, heading into 2018 will be tied for 2nd as the most winning active driver in the Sony Cup Series. Sandfer will be the most winning driver of all active drivers with no championship.

Charles Sandfer will be starting his 20th Season of racing in the series in 2018 and over those 20 seasons Sandfer has had a lot of ups and downs. From Season 12 til Season 18 Sandfer seen the biggest winless streak of his career which many thought maybe that Sandfer's career was slowly going downhill until Sandfer proved all critics wrong in Season 18 and won 5 races in the span of 20 races from Season 18 and Season 19.

Unfortunately in 2015, Sandfer got hit with a penalty at Indianapolis for an over sized engine. The winning streak ended and he went on another long winless streak. Sandfer would struggle to be a front runner and eventually let go from YAMP Motorsports. This year he teamed up with FUEL Brothers Racing which ended up being a one year deal after the announcement early in the year that the team would be folding at seasons end. Sandfer broke a 76-race winless streak at Canadian Tire however it would be the only time he won in 2017 as he finished 23rd in points for the 2nd year in a row.

Despite Sandfer not having the best of runs, long time friend and competitor on the track, Nick Mace called him up during the year and asked him to drive the #24 car. Sandfer is no stranger to driving the #24 car, back in Season 7 Sandfer won 2 races and was a legitimate title contender for the first time in his career driving for Mace. This move for Charles Sandfer to step back into the #24 car replacing veteran, champion and now retired Eugene Demax will be something interesting to watch in 2018.

Charles Sandfer has never won a championship and after 2 years in a row of failing to finish in the Top 20 in points with him being one of the top drivers in the series as the seasonal veteran... Many believe this is Sandfer's last good chance to take home the top crown in all of motorsports that he has been chasing for the last 20 years.... The Sony Cup Series Championship.

Charles Sandfer: "Not having that championship is something keeping me going. It is a goal going into every season to win the title and being with Mace will provide an excellent chance. My expectations are a little smaller in that I want to finish top 10 in points at least with so many great teams out there and finishing top 5 would be great for everyone and me personally. My mindset going in is to rebound. 2017 had the issue of we were told fairly early that the team could be folding and so we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to run well so hopefully in 2018 it can be more relaxing and I can go out there and have some fun."

What can we expect from Mace Enterprises and Charles Sandfer in 2018? It's unsure at this point if Sandfer will be able to back up the effort Eugene Demax put into that car for the last 2 years. One thing for sure is that team owner Nick Mace has expectations to bring Sandfer a win in 2018 and says, "This team and driver together will do great things and we expect to win races and challenge for the title"

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