Penalties following Baer Field

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Penalties following Baer Field Empty Penalties following Baer Field

Post by FUEL on April 10th 2018, 2:36 pm

A few weeks ago at California, Sony Cup Series changed the rules on wrecks. It the rule book it states that if you are the cause of 3 wrecks during the period of a race weekend then you will get penalized for it... However, after California the SCS Officials tightened down on that rule and changed it to 2 wrecks during a wreck is enough to get penalized and this is where the new rule comes into play.

Dillon Young and Jeffery Finguy will be receiving grid penalties for the following race at Springfield. They will be forced to start at the tail end of the field after causing 2 wrecks each at Baerfield. Dillon Young spun Sean Harple and William Brock during Session 1 of the race. Young ended up advancing to the final segment while Harple and Brock didn't get to advance. Jeffery Finguy was leading the race when he had his 2 seperate incidents when he spun Carson Scott into Kyle Collins and then eventually spun Ryan Acosta which ended up hurting Finguy anyway as he lost the lead. Regardless, the incidents were viewed as "too much" by the SCS Officials and both Finguy and Young will receive grid penalties for the Round of Springfield.

Bradley Bishop Jr. was put on probation to start off the weekend after being in multiple accidents every weekend and constantly being a problem... The SCS Officials sat down with Bishop Jr. and told him he needed to settle down or they would park him for wreckless driving. The officials already did that at DAYTONA earlier this season but that didn't faze Bishop Jr as lap 1 into the Round of Baer Field he wrecked not just 1 driver... but 2 drivers! Bishop Jr. spun Cole Deaver into Doug Lockrow to complete lap 1 of the race... After segment 1 the officials parked Bishop Jr. from completing in the final segment and disqualified him as well from the event so he earned no points. 

The SCS Officials have decided to suspend Bradley Bishop Jr. from racing in the Round of Springfield and extend his probation until Round 15 and extending his grid penalties until Round 10.

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